SASSA News On SRD R350 February Payment Delay

SASSA R350 Grant Application Approval Process 2023

SASSA News On SRD R350 February Payment Delay

In todays latest SASSA News – The February R350 Social Relief of Distress grants have been paid late in recent weeks. This may explain why there have been holdups.

Their payments and contributions to the Special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress award are all up to date, according the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA). Some recipients, however, had problems with their chosen method of payment and did not receive their payments.

Problems with these payment methods may include:

The applicant or recipient has not specified a payment method. Their payment information must be submitted online.
The selected payment method could not be verified. This may occur if the beneficiary’s account information is inaccurate or if the account is not in the beneficiary’s name. The recipient must either update their information or give an alternative means of payment.

Those who chose to receive funds via mobile phone number had the highest rate of failed verifications.
The agency has come clean about a problem with the cash transfer verification process due to the expiration of the contract for it. Sassa, on the other hand, is currently conforming to said procedure.

Beneficiaries are being asked to give alternative payment information, such as bank account information, after numerous assessments were unsuccessful because the provided cell phone numbers were not RICA’d. Those who have already been validated and paid through this module payment channel will keep getting their money dispersed in the same way.

On their application, some recipients have the “referred” designation. When someone’s application is “referred,” it signifies that it has been authorized but that there was a problem with their identification verification that prevents them from being paid.

These problems have surfaced due to the association of their ID numbers with fraudulent activities like identity theft. Beneficiaries now have the ability to verify their identities through a biometric system in an effort to rectify this situation.

Almost half a million recipients, as reported by SASSA , have not yet completed the necessary FICA paperwork for their Postbank accounts. Therefore, it is imperative that beneficiaries complete the FICA process or provide an alternate bank account in order to receive payments.

The grant money will be released by SASSA once the recipient has updated and verified their payment information. If the recipient does not fulfill their obligations, however, SASSA will be unable to continue making payments.

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