SASSA News Today 2022 on R350 SRD Grant Payment Method

SASSA News Today 2022 on R350 SRD Grant Payment Method

In todays latest SASSA News – If you are a beneficiary of the R350 SRD grant and you have opted to receive your grant payment through the cash send option then Sassa is advising you to change this payment method in order to prevent delays.

The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) says that it is still finalising contracts with South African banks to make the cash send payment option available to beneficiaries of the Special Covid-19 R350 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant.

In a statement Sassa says that the contracts that they had with the banks previously, expired when the grant came to an end and they had to follow a procurement process to enter into new contracts.

“This whole process has, unfortunately, delayed the contracting significantly,” said Executive Manager of Grants Administration, Dianne Dunkerley.

Sassa has advised these beneficiaries to switch their payment methods to their personal bank accounts or the Post Office to ensure that they receive their grant payments promptly.

All the beneficiaries who are making use of the cash send payment option will have received an SMS notification to let them know about the delay with this payment option. Sassa has requested that these beneficiaries upload their banking details but they say many beneficiaries have not yet done so.

“Those who do not change to personal bank accounts will be paid through the Post Office as a final resort,” said Dunkerley.

Beneficiaries are encouraged to change the payment method to their personal bank accounts as Sassa says that this is the fastest payment method.

The bank account details provided must be in the name of the beneficiary as Sassa cannot pay the grant into the account of any person other than the approved applicant and the bank account should also be active.

In order to change the payment method beneficiaries can go to: and then click on “How do I change my banking details” to change the method of payment from cash send to the Post Office or a personal bank account.

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