SASSA News Today 27th March 2023

SASSA Latest News On April 2023 R350 Grant Appeal

SASSA News Today 27th March 2023

In todays latest SASSA News – Is your SASSA/Postbank gold card expiring on 31 March 2023(03/2023)? This is what you should do:
  • For Older Persons and Disability related grants visit your nearest South African Post Bank(SAPO) branches on Mondays and Tuesdays from 13 March 2023 to exchange the card
  • For Child Support Grants and all other grants visit your nearest SAPO branch Wednesdays to Saturdays starting from 15 March 2023
  • Bring along a copy of your Identity Document (ID) and the expiring SASSA/SAPO gold card
  • Social grant recipients who have lost or misplaced their SASSA/Postbank gold cards expiring in March 2023 (03/2023), must also go to a nearby SAPO branch to collect their new SASSA/Postbank gold cards. SAPO branch personnel will use fingerprint verification to issue the beneficiary with a new SASSA/Postbank Gold Card.
  • New SASSA/Postbank Gold cards will only be issued at SAPO Branches to the person in whose name the expiring card has been issued or only to those who have been registered at SASSA as procurators.
NB: social grant recipients are reminded that only people who have SASSA/Postbank gold cards that expire in March 2023 (03/2023) are required to visit the Post Office branches to collect new cards during this month.
The dates and processes for cards expiring in the coming months will be announced soon

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