Sassa SRD Status Check 2022

How SASSA June SRD Grant Payments Got Delayed

In todays latest SASSA SRD NEWS – Whether you have applied for sassa r350 grant or any other social relief grant you can check your payment status via sassa online website.

For some SASSA clients who already checked their SASSA Social Relief Grant status and it was declined, see How to Solve SASSA Social Relief Grant Decline Status

Now lets dive in to the main topic for those who don’t know to check their SASSA Social Relief Grant.

You can check your SASSA Social Relief Status online or vis whatsapp. For WhatsApp applicants can send a message to 082 046 8553; type “SASSA” and then
type “Status” and follow the message prompts.

To check your status online. visit :

What is the meaning of Pending status?

The application is in progress, when verification is completed, the applicant will receive a
SMS notification of the outcome. Only those with status Approved will receive the SMS
notification with a website link to submit bank details or to select a bank for cash transfer if

What does it mean if your COVID-19 SRD Grant appeal status is on ‘meanstest’?

Means testing refers to a process where any funds flowing into the account of an applicant, whose application was declined after reconsideration, are tested against the criteria. SASSA will thus consider whether any funds flowed into the account of the client during the previous month or not.
Should there be no funds, the application will be approved and paid. However, should there be funds in the bank account, the application will remain declined.

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