SASSA To commence Grant Payment Tomorrow

SASSA News Today 17th December 2022

SASSA To commence Grant Payment Tomorrow

In todays latest SASSA News – Funds for social assistance in the month of March were dispersed to eligible recipients last week and will continue tomorrow.
Social subsidies are dispersed to South Africans in need by the South African Social Security Agency (SASSA).

Funds for grants are dispersed on a monthly basis, and recipients have a full month to cash out their checks after the payment date.

Dates for March 2023 payments of the Sassa grant are as follows:

Older Person’s Grants – Thursday, 2 March 2023
Disability Grants – Friday, 3 March 2023
Child Support and other grants – Monday, 6 March 2023

Some recipients said they were unable to get their Older People award because they had no available funds on their SASSA cards. According to SASSA, Postbank suffered a technical fault that caused this, but it has already been fixed.

SASSA has informed recipients that they are not required to pick up their award on the scheduled payment date. After a grant is disbursed, the funds will be held in escrow until the recipient requests distribution.

Funds can be retrieved by the beneficiary in a variety of ways, including via ATMs and retail locations like Shoprite, Checkers, U-Save, Pick ‘n Pay, and Boxer.

To get their grants, recipients must provide identification and a valid cellphone number; this number must match the one used to sign up for the SASSA database, as a confirmation pin will be sent to it.

SASSA has urged those who would be receiving a Social Relief of Distress (SRD) award to specify a bank account number so that they can withdraw their money from any location.

The South African Post Office (SAPO) is no longer a collecting point for SRD grants, so grantees have been reminded not to go there to get their grants.