Sayouth Calls on DBE Teacher Assistants for Feedback

Sayouth Calls on DBE Teacher Assistants for Feedback

According to SAYOUTH on their Facebook page in a post made today, They said that If you are working as a DBE School Assistant, your feedback will help them keep making more opportunities available and help you learn about your spending habits.
Expect a WhatsApp invite from them from the 11th of March! All they  need is regular feedback over 11 weeks. its very quick and simple!
If you have any questions, please feel free to call their toll-free support line on 0800 72 72 72, between 9am-4:30pm, Monday to Friday and speak to our Guides.

Israel Wellington Jeremiah
Israel Wellington Jeremiah is the Admin and publisher at Empowerment Opportunities. A seasoned online publicist and an entrepreneur.

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