The Department has added another web-based/electronic application form in addition to the SA Youth mobi-site.

Applications submitted online via the zero-rated site are for efficiency in the data collection and management, which has been centralised to enable fairness in the recruitment and application process.

The Department has also introduced an alternative avenue for applicants to submit their applications. Since the opening of the site in the early hours of the morning on 27 September, the site has experienced extremely high traffic volumes, causing it to slow down and occasionally time out.

Click in order to access the form — please note that this form is not zero rated and will require a small amount of data (3MB) to complete. The mobi-site is still available for applications but applicants can use this site if they are still unable to apply.

Applicants must note that application forms must be submitted online, as no walk-ins to schools will be allowed due to Covidl9 restrictions. Applicants who need help to apply online can also be supported by their nearest, NYDA office, or community library that has connectivity. All applications will be considered — so as long as they are received by the 10th October, you will be considered for the opportunities available.

Youth between the ages of 18 and 35, who are currently neither in education/ training, nor receiving any form of government grant, as well as young people with disability and women, are eligible and encouraged to apply.

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