SBI Youth for India Fellowship Program 2020/2021 for Indian Youths

SBI Youth for India Fellowship

SBI Youth for India Fellowship 2020/2021 for Indian Youths -Empowering young leaders to help build a better India

The SBI Youth for India Fellowship is a 13-Month program, where India’s brightest young minds are given an opportunity to go live and work amongst rural communities to help solve pressing rural development challenges. Fellows are further supported in their projects by leading NGOs and experts across disciplines.


To qualify for the fellowship, you need to meet certain basic criteria and also be ready to make a 13 month commitment to the program. Please review the eligibility requirements carefully before applying.

Between 21 to 32 Years Old as of August 1, 2020

Indian or Overseas Citizens of India
Indian’s & Indian Origin

Undergraduate / Bachelors
Completed before August, 2020


We seek applicants from a variety of backgrounds, both professionally and personally.

Candidates should demonstrate a deep interest, passion, and commitment to social and economic development in Rural India. Candidates must show humility and an eagerness to learn within a cross-cultural context. They should demonstrate a strong commitment to service and are entrepreneurial, innovative, and creative in finding solutions in under-resourced environments.

Education .Women’s Empowerment .Water
Traditional Craft . Technology . Social Enterpreneurship
Rural Livelihood . Self Governance . Health
Food Security .Environmental Protection/. Alternate Energy

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