South Africa Department of Sport Arts & Culture Young Creatives Programme Launch

South Africa Department of Sport Arts & Culture Young Creatives Programme Launch

The Department of Sport, Arts & Culture has unveiled this exciting initiative that is designed to foster and support the talents of young individuals in the field of arts and culture, providing them with a platform to showcase their creativity and nurture their artistic potential.

The Launch of The Young Creatives Programme does not happen outside the context and reality that our young people face. These realities are harsh and even harsher for youth in our Creative sector.

The Young Creatives Programme, a National Youth Service Programme of the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture, aims to identify, nurture, and empower young artists, writers, musicians, performers, designers, and creators from diverse backgrounds. It serves as a stepping stone for their professional development and a catalyst for their artistic careers. Also Read: Young Creatives Programme Stipend and Registration

By recognizing and encouraging their talents, the programme seeks to inspire a new generation of creatives who will not only contribute to the cultural fabric of our society but will earn a living through the arts.

The Young Creatives Programme offers a range of exciting opportunities for participants, including mentorship programs, workshops, exhibitions, performances, networking events, and access to resources and facilities. By engaging with experienced mentors and industry experts, young creatives will have the chance to refine their skills, expand their knowledge, and gain valuable insights into various art forms and career paths.

We believe that investing in the talents of young creatives is crucial for the growth and vitality of our arts and culture sector. Through this programme, we aim to foster an environment that nurtures creativity, promotes cultural diversity, and cultivates a sense of artistic excellence.

The Young Creatives Programme :

  • will assist the department in its quest to deliver service in creative arts activities,
  • To promote patriotism and nation-building,
  • To advance social cohesion
  • To help participants to develop occupational skills necessary to be self-employed, to access work-readiness or employability skills of being successful in getting a job and having sustainable livelihood opportunities.

The programme will be implemented in partnership with National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) and in the first year, will realise the placement of 270 young creatives in Community Arts Centres across the country.

The NYDA will not only give training to The Young Creatives, but they will also look after these young participants as they exit the programme.

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