South Africa Education Department National Senior Certificate Subjects offered

South Africa Education Department National Senior Certificate Subjects offered

The subjects listed below which are part of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement of the National Senior Certificate, will be offered as part of the amended Senior Certificate. The subjects will in essence be the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements of the National Senior Certificate, excluding the School-Based Assessment (SBA) component.

Each candidate must offer six subjects in order to qualify for the Senior Certificate (as amended). Adults who have approved Senior Certificate subject credits, but do not comply with the required six-subject package, must select the remaining required subjects from the following list of 34 adapted National Senior Certificate subjects:

Table A: Official languages at Home and First Additional level

Afrikaans Home language 13300019
Afrikaans First Additional Language 13310029
English Home Language 13300039
English First Additional Language 13310049
IsiNdebele Home Language 13300059
IsiNdebele First Additional Language 13310069
IsiXhosa Home Language 13300079
IsiXhosa First Additional Language 13310090
IsiZulu Home Language 13300099
IsiZulu First Additional Language 13310109
Sepedi Home Language 13300119
Sepedi First Additional Language 13310129
Sesotho Home Language 13300139
Sesotho First Additional Language 13310149
Setswana Home Language 13300159
Setswana First Additional Language 13310169
SiSwati Home Language 13300179
SiSwati First Additional Language 13310189
Tshivenda Home Language 13300199
Tshivenda First Additional Language 13310209
Xitsonga Home Language 13300219
Xitsonga First Additional Language 13310229

Table B1: Agriculture



Agricultural Sciences


Table B2: Business, Commerce and Management Studies

Accounting 12320249
Business Studies 12320259
Economics 12320269

Table B3: Human and Social Studies

Geography 16320279
History 16320289
Religion Studies 16320299

Table B4: Physical, Mathematical, Computer and Life Sciences

Computer Applications Technology 19320309
Information Technology 19320319
Life Sciences 19320329
Mathematical Literacy 19320339
Mathematics 19320349
Physical Sciences 19320359

The Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statements for the above-listed Senior Certificate subjects are available here.

South Africa Education Department National Senior Certificate Subjects

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