South Africa Education Department Senior Certificate FAQ

South Africa Education Department Senior Certificate FAQ
A lot of questions surrounding the Department of Education Senior Certificate, and empowerment opportunities is here to answer those questions.

Interested and qualifying persons may register manually for Education Department Senior Certificate Examination at any provincial education office (which includes the provincial head office, the district office or a circuit office) or online on

Here are the Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs) on Senior Certificate (as amended)
  1. Question: I wrote my matric in 2013 but did not gain university exemption. I would like to rewrite some of the subjects that I failed so as to gain entry into university. Will writing the SC help me?Answer: Yes, the SCe xam certificate does offer the opportunity to enter any higher education institution.
  2. Question: I failed 2 subjects when I wrote my matric in 1999. If I write the SC examinations will I be able to combine my 1999 SC results with the SC results?Answer: Yes you can, but keep in mind that only selected subjects are available and you have to comply with the subject choice requirements.
  3. Question: I wrote 3 subjects in the 2018 SC exams and wrote 3 more in the 2019 SC exams but on my statement of results it is written ‘incomplete’. Must I write more subjects?Answer: Not necessarily. You have to apply for a combination of results and you have to comply with the subject choice and pass requirements.
  4. Question: I want a matric certificate but the subjects I want to offer are not on the SC Subject list. What options do I have?Answer: Unfortunately, subjects with a practical component cannot be made available, because candidates are not receiving full time tuition.

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