South Africa (SA) Medical School Entry Requirements

South Africa (SA) Medical School Entry Requirements

South Africa (SA) Medical School Entry Requirements

Are you interested in applying for medical school, but unsure about the entry requirements? Well, here is what you need to know.

Dr Angelique Coetzee, Chair at the South African Medical Association (SAMA) explains what the admission criteria is for school.

According to Dr Coetzee, each university has its own admission requirements. In most cases, students are chosen based on their Grade 12 results and race.

“It is actually very sad because the fact that you get six distinctions but they can only take so many white students, so many coloured students, so many Indian students, so many black students, means you will compete only in your racial class at this stage,” said Dr Coetzee.

Dr Coetzee explains there are cases where students with lower marks are accepted into the course and therefore someone with six distinctions may be rejected.

She suggests the criteria for entry needs to be reviewed.

Besides race and academic results, universities also look at non-academic performance areas such as sport, leadership, and work experience within the healthcare profession.

Students are encouraged to apply to as many universities as possible as places are limited.

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