South Africa Unemployed Youths Employment Opportunities

South African Unemployed Youths Employment Opportunities

South Africa Unemployed Youths Employment Opportunities

With high unemployment figures it can be daunting looking for a job, however key to
success is ensuring that you get yourself into the marketplace and remain open to
Rather than being focused on finding “a job”, consider “employment” in its broadest
sense. Temporary roles, often secured through an agency, provide a good way to
access employment, earn money, and gain skills and experience, all of which
improves your chances of securing work into the future.

To help you maximise your chances of securing employment whilst minimising risks,
the Department of Employment and Labour, in collaboration with the Confederation
of Associations in the Private Employment Sector (CAPES), share the following tips
on how to increase your chances of finding employment.


Work isn’t going to find you sitting at home. You need to ensure that your CV is
registered in as many places as possible to increase your network and improve your
chances of matching to a suitable opportunity.
Register as a workseeker with the Public Employment Services (PES), operated by
the Department of Employment and Labour. Registration can be done online via and clicking on “ESSA” option or by visiting your local labour
centre where an Employment Services Practitioner can assist you.

Register with a Private Employment Agency (PEA) or Temporary Employment
Services (TES) provider. Remember to work only with those who are registered with
Department of Employment and Labour and a professional association under the
CAPES umbrella. To find a registered agency in your area or in your skills sector, visit
the association websites for a list of their members:

You can also register your CV on one of the many job portals which are used by
recruiters and employers alike when searching for new employees.

South Africa Unemployed Youths Employment Opportunities TOP TIPS
Remember! It is illegal for any recruitment company, job portal or employer to charge you to register or for any related recruitment services, including assessments and verifications.

Make sure that your CV is neatly laid out, contains all the most relevant information, is free from errors including spelling, grammar, typing and layout. It’s your sales document and needs to cast a good first impression.

Be open-minded. Whilst we are all searching for the ‘perfect job’, it’s important not to overlook work opportunities as these not only help to address the immediate need for earning, but the additional experience, skills and growth in network, will undoubtedly make it easier to find your next opportunity. – (The article is part of an initiative by CAPES and department’s Public Employment Services branch to jointly educate workseekers about their rights and to give some practical guidance for job seeking).

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