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How To Check Your SASSA Status Online status check balance check


Contents is the official website of the ongoing reinstated SRD R350 Grant Application platform.

The website has many functionalities which includes the ability to apply, check status or balance either approved or declined or pending.

One thing that has been a major problem this time around is the fact that using the website to check status is currently put off and those who knows the link url to check get a failed message when checking status.

Please in case you want to know, track or check sassa srd R350 status, there are basic things you need to do. status check balance  challenges and failed message

But before, we go to the checking of status using the website, SASSA being aware of the current challenges facing, has asked potential applicants to rather contact SASSA directly on the toll-free number 0800601011 to check their status online.

So if you are facing any challenge accessing your SRD R350 grants application status on the website, don’t panic or think that your application was rejected, but rather call SASSA to check for you.

That been said, sassa promise to reactivate the checking status module this week so that users can have the ability to check their own status.

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