Startup Nigeria Incubation Programme 2019 Application Review criteria

Startup Nigeria 2019 is a 3-month program designed to provide Entrepreneurs and individuals in Nigeria who are solving big problems in a new, better, and cheaper way with free entrepreneurship skills training, mentorship, and funding to help them start and grow their businesses.


We are currently reviewing applications.

We are looking for the next:

Tony Elumelu : He is solving problems in the finance industry (Entrepreneur)
He has created new ways and ideas of doing things (Innovator)
He spends his time and resources to do charity work (Philanthropist)

Amal Hassan : She uses technology to solve problems by creating jobs (Entrepreneur)
She spends her time and resources to do charity work (Philanthropist)

Aliko Dangote: He has developed solutions that are solving problems across Africa (Entrepreneur)
He develops products like cement, sugar and other commodities for the masses
He has created new ways and ideas of doing things (Innovator)

The Ideal candidate
We are searching for candidates who have the following qualities:

Is solving a Big Problem: The ideal candidate has identified a problem faced by the majority of Nigerians and has an idea or is developing a solution that can solve it.

Is developing a solution that many Nigerians can afford and is job creating: In a report released by the World Poverty Clock, it was found that nearly 50% of the Nigerian population live under N694 per day. The ideal startup Nigeria candidate is developing a solution that all of these people can access and afford. Not only will it be affordable and accessible to them, but this solution will also create new jobs that these people can take up. This kind of solution is known as a market creating solution.

Has developed a solution or is developing a solution that is solving the problem(s) in a new, better and cheaper way (innovative) and is using existing technology like mobile apps & SMS platforms or using new technology like blockchain & artificial intelligence to solve the problem in an efficient manner.

Is developing a solution that can reach millions of Nigerians in different regions and at different levels. The problem this candidate is solving is one faced by millions of Nigerians, and the solution the candidate is developing is one that will be accessible to millions of Nigerians and will create jobs. It is only right that this solution is also able to reach the majority of Nigerians at little cost. This type of solution is known as a scalable solution.

Must be located in either North West, South East, or North Central zones of Nigeria.
Must be available to participate for the full length of the program which is 3 months.

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