Steps to file your April Appeal for a SASSA Grant

SASSA Latest News On April 2023 R350 Grant Appeal

Steps to file your April Appeal for a SASSA Grant

In todays latest SASSA News – Social grants, especially the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant, are vital to the monthly survival of millions of South Africans.

As a temporary measure to help those who were made economically insecure by the Covid-19 pandemic, an R350 SRD grant was instituted.

Applicants must be unemployed, between the ages of 18 and 59, and have a monthly income of less than R624.

If an applicant receives a rejection notice but believes the reason given is incorrect, they can submit an appeal request via the Sassa website.

Follow these steps to file your April appeal for an SASSA grant:

  • Check out
  • To file an appeal or view its current status, select the relevant option from the green bar.
  • Just put in your ID number.
  • Put in your phone number here.
  • To receive the verification pin via text message, click the “send pin” button.
    Input the PIN and hit the “submit” button.
  • Check the box corresponding to the month your appeal pertains to.
  • Choose your justification for appealing via the pull-down menu.
  • Simply hit the “submit” button.

Those who have submitted appeals should know that Sassa reviews all R350 grant applications once per month. Each grant recipient is re-evaluated once a month to make sure they still require financial assistance.

The SRD grant recipients are the only ones who can file an appeal for the R350 grant through the Independent Tribunal for Social Assistance (ITSAA).

Sassa claims that the ITSAA checks the details provided by appeal applicants against a number of databases to ensure they meet the requirements for the grant. The databases are used for verifying identities and financial data.

You can expect to receive an electronic notification of the Independent Tribunal’s decision on your appeal within 60-90 days of the appeal’s filing.

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