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T-PAY: Latest TSC Payslip Online Login, View & Download Payslips

T-PAY: Latest TSC Payslip Online Login, View & Download Payslips

This TSC payslip online guide is for my mum and other TSC employees. Its shows an easier way to access your TSC online payslip.

T-Pay Portal: Login, View and Download Your Payslip

View and download your latest TSC Payslip with ease via the new T-PAY portal.

Fill in the required details below to access your T-Pay account on phone or laptop.

Step by Step User Guide

Below is a step by step guide, with SCREENSHOTS to help you access T-PAY easily.


Total Time: 5 minutes

  1. Visit the Teachers Service Commission Website

    Teachers Service Commission TSC site which is www.tsc.go.ke has a sub page with the TPAY portal. Access it via https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/ Click the links on your browser to view or download your TSC payslips onlineSee image above of the TSC website showing the TPAY location https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/


  2. T-PAY TSC Payslip Login Window

    TSC Payslip Login Window of the Teachers Service Commission portal Login to the T-PAY portal and view or download your latest TSC payslip via https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/Make sure you are able to see the new TSC Payslip Login window as shown above.

  3. Enter your Username

    Enter your TSC number or National ID number as the User Name in the new payslip portal Login to the T-PAY portal to view your payslip online https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/Your user name can either be your TSC number or ID number.


  4. Enter your T-PAY Password

    Enter the TSC registration online password in the teachers service commission online portal Here is the link to login to the TPAY account to download and view your payslip https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/ If you have forgotten it, see the way below to reset password.Enter your password. See guide below on how to reset password, if you’ve forgotten it.

  5. Enter Valid Arithmetic Operation

    Enter valid arithmetic operation in the teachers service commission tsc website Answer the Security Stamp question so as to access the T-PAY portal and view or download your TSC payslip online https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/Answer the Security Stamp: * question e.g. 8 + 20 ? Enter valid arithmetic operation in the menu box i.e. 28


  6. T-PAY Account Log in

    TSC Payslip Online Login Button - Click on login so as to access your TSC Payslip online Here is the link to login to the TPAY portal and download your new TSC payslip online https://tpay.tsc.go.ke/Then, simply click on ‘Login’ so as to log into your T-PAY account.

  7. TPAY Primary Window

    TSC payslip login window - TSC Payslip Online Home PageGood news! If you see the welcome screen above,  then you are in!



  • National ID number



  • PC
  • Phone
  • Online Browser
  • T-PAY Online Portal


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Here is a video summary of the steps above to get your online payslips.

View Your Payslip Online

On the left of the screen, there is a menu with the below items:

  • Home
  • View Latest Payslip
  • View P9(s)
  • Send Payslips
  • My Transactions
  • My Documents
  • Search

Click on ‘Latest payslip’ to be able to see your latest payslip for the current month.

If you need to keep a copy of your payslip, take a screenshot or simply click on the ‘Print’ tab to get a hard copy of your payslip.

View Other Month TSC payslips online

Select the Months tab at the top left of the payslip portal to view the below options:

  • Month One
  • Month Two
  • Month Three
  • Month Four

To view more payslips, click on the ‘View payslips’ tab under the Menu option on the left of the screen.

Then, select the year and month for the online payslips you want to access.


Remember to log out of your account once done for security purposes.

TSC Payslip Online: How to reset your password

Click on the Forgot your password link just under the Login button in the TPAY login page so as to reset password. You need your password details to view and download your TPAY TSC payslip online Make sure the password is complex enough to prevent unauthorized login Keep your login information safe. Don't print it out!

Click on Forgot Your Password? button in the login page.

You will be redirected to start the login reset password process.

Enter your TSC number

Enter your TSC number allocated by the Teacher Service Commission people so as to download your online payslip

Enter your TSC number and then click on Reset Password button.

Fill the form with the required details

Complete the form with all the required details. The important ones are marked with a red star (*)

Complete the form with all the required details as per the image so as to reset your password in the TSC Payslip Login Window Such include email, name and other teachers login details of choice

Here is a list of the information required to reset password:

  • T.S.C number
  • Answer your secret question
  • Phone number
  • Personal email address
  • Enter and confirm the New password

Enter the details in the stated format to avoid invalid errors. Remember to provide factual information. Any fraudulent submission may result in de-registration.

You’ll receive an email with the new TSC login details. Use them to log into the www.tpay.tsc.go.ke website.


Requirements to Register with TSC in Kenya

Teacher registration is key to work in any private or public institutions. Due to many fraud cases, TSC indefinitely stopped the online registration.

Now to get online payslips for teachers, one must visit their TSC county office to register membership.

Here is a list of information required to register  and download payslips:

  • National ID Card
  • Full Names
  • TSC number
  • Date of Birth
  • Mobile phone numbers
  • Designation code
  • Bank account number
  • Personal email address
  • School details

Summary – TSC Online Payslip Process

Here is a summary of the other services provided via the TPAY online TSC payslip process:

  • Get your P9 forms to do KRA returns (for the last 3 years).
  • View your transactions with third parties. Such institutions are saccos, banks, HELB loan etc.
  • Forward your TSC payslip to third parties e.g. for loan acquisition and other third party transactions.
  • Change your T-PAY password.
  • Print a hard copy of your TSC payslip or save the pay slips online as PDFs.

Things to remember

  • Teachers have reported unusual salary deductions from institutions they are not members of, so always check. Examples include Credit Africa, defuct MITECO Sacco, Amedo, Higher Education Loan Board (HELB) among others!
  • Check if your payslip agrees to your contract and it’s been sent to the correct pay station.
  • Check if the PAYE in your payslip agrees to what is in your P9 forms.

What is included in a TSC Online Payslip

Here is a table showing what is included in the latest TSC online payslip in 2023:

Payslip Field Description
Employee Code Your unique code
Employee Name Your full name
ID Number Your National ID number
Designation Your job title
Basic Salary The basic salary for your job grade
Allowances Additional payments such as house or hardship allowances
Gross Pay Your basic pay and allowances before deductions
Deductions Amounts deducted from your gross pay, such as PAYE, NHIF, NSSF or loan repayments
Net Pay Your pay after deductions

About Teachers Service Commission- TSC

The Teachers Service Commission- TSC is the independent body responsible for teachers in Kenya. This is in line with Article 237 of the Kenyan constitution.

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