Takemi Program in International Health Application 2023–2024

Takemi Program in International Health Application 2023–2024

Takemi Program in International Health Application 2023–2024

The Takemi Program in International Health at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health is an interdisciplinary research program that focuses on the problems of mobilizing, allocating, and maintaining limited resources to improve health. To address these issues, the program brings together a small group of mid-career professionals from around the world. Through its activities, the program aims to advance knowledge about international health and to contribute to institutional development and improvement of national policy.

Each Takemi Fellow is responsible for a specific research project and participates in the Program’s weekly seminar. Research projects are carried out under the supervision of a carefully matched member of the University faculty and are directed toward the completion of one or two scientific papers suitable for publication or for use as teaching materials. Such projects might include an analysis of a Fellow’s experience in a health program, the preparation of case studies, the development of new health programs, or the analysis of health policies. A Harvard faculty member will serve as supervisor or collaborator in the research project of each candidate chosen.

The program was established in 1983 and is named after Dr. Taro Takemi, the distinguished physician-scientist who served for more than 25 years as the president of the Japan Medical Association.

You can find additional information about the program here.

This application contains the following components:

Eligibility Questionnaire –  Takemi Program in International Health Application 2023–2024

2. Proof of English Language Proficiency (PDF Upload)

3. Statement of Interest (PDF Upload) 

4. Basic Information

5. Education and Professional Experiences

6. CV (PDF Upload)

7. Research Proposal (PDF Upload)

8. Publication List (PDF Upload)

9. Document Published in English (PDF Upload)

10. References

For item 3. Statement of Interest, We would like to know why you interested in the Takemi Program. We would like to learn more about your motivation for pursuing this opportunity. How will the program contribute to your professional life? What do you think you can contribute to the Program? Why do you think you would be successful in the Program? What do you hope to get from the Program? What are your plans after completing the Program?

For item 7. Research Proposal, please note that data should be collected and ready for analysis before arriving to the Program. Please list the title of your research proposal and upload a PDF version. The full proposal should be no more than 5 pages (excluding the title page and references), single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman font. The Proposal must include the following (page length is only a suggestion):

  • Title page
  • Summary of the proposed project including a brief statement of specific aims and objectives and potential significance of the research (1/2 page)
  • Specific aims (1/2 to 1 page)
  • Background and significance (1/2 to 1 page)
  • Data sources (1/2 to 1 page)
  • Research design and methods (2 pages)
  • References

You will be able to navigate forwards and backwards throughout the application. Additionally, the application will automatically save. Please note however, that in order to return to the application during a different setting, you must enable the cookies on your browser and return to the survey using the same browser you began working in.


We ask that all attachments be uploaded as PDF documents. If you do not have access to Adobe, we suggest using: https://smallpdf.com/.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the Takemi Office at [email protected].

For more Information: Visit the website for Takemi Program in International Health Application 2023–2024

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