The 2nd ASEAN Youth Social Journalism Contest 2021 for Asean Youths

Deadline: 14th 2020

The 2nd ASEAN Youth Social Journalism Contest 2021

The 2nd ASEAN Youth Social Journalism Contest 2021 is inviting youth “Social Journalists” to submit an essay and campaign ideas describing a theme of “#ASEANYouth and COVID-19 ─ Response, Recovery, and Resilience”. We are inviting the talented ASEAN’s youth to share and promote fact-based and compelling messages showcasing the importance of ASEAN youth at the forefront of efforts to combat the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

The COVID-19 global health emergency and its social and economic implications have dramatically affected all facets of life amongst all groups of society. People of all ages, though, are experiencing its impact in a myriad of areas. The Global Survey on Youth and COVID-19 by the International Labour Organization/ILO (2020) indicates the immediate effects of COVID-19 pandemic on young people is systemic, significant and excessive, especially to the young women, younger youth and youth in lower-income countries. For young people and particularly disadvantaged ones, the COVID-19 crisis raises significant risks in the areas of education, job opportunities, mental wellbeing, rights and social activism.

The importance of active participation and integration of the ASEAN youth has been an ASEAN priority since the Declaration of Principles to Strengthen ASEAN Collaboration on Youth presented in Bangkok on 24 June 1983. Youth play a vital role in community building and represent the values envisaged by the Founding Fathers of ASEAN. In particular, ASEAN youth leadership is at the forefront of efforts to combat the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) pandemic as young people have a pivotal role to play in limiting the epidemic and alleviating its effects on public health, community and the economy as a whole. They have been responding to the pandemic in a multitude of ways – by serving as health workers and community volunteers, leading public health promotion initiatives, as well as combating the pandemic through artistic, scientific, entrepreneurial, and technological innovations although they are specifically vulnerable to the disruptions caused by the pandemic.

ASEAN youth will have to look beyond themselves and work together across borders to build a stronger and more cohesive community of nations in response to the global pandemic.

A “Social Journalist” is a member of the general public who is interested making a positive contribution to his/her community by collecting and disseminating and/or publishing news and information based upon his/her observations, research, or through other means. Through this initiative, we invite active young social journalists to produce and publish an essay content related to the above theme and its impact on youth. The young social journalists will provide compelling media products to express their critical thinking and allow them to raise their voices on COVID-19 issues affecting their local communities that also have regional implications.

Based on the essay submissions, we will competitively select up to 20 youth from 10 ASEAN countries to participate in a virtual workshop to develop and implement a social awareness activity in their respective countries.

This contest is endorsed by the ASEAN Senior Officials Meeting on Youth (SOMY) and supported by the ASEAN Foundation, ASEAN Secretariat, Ireland Embassy, and the ASEAN-USAID PROSPECT, a joint project of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and U.S. State Department.


1. Any existing or aspiring social journalist that holds an ASEAN Member States passport (Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Viet Nam) and resides in the country of citizenship. Note: professional journalists who are full-time employees of established media outlets are not eligible to participate).
2. The interested ASEAN youths are required to form a team of two from the same nationalities. The applicants must be between 18 and 30 years of age on 26 April 2021.
3. Selected finalists must be able to communicate fluently in both spoken and written English.
4. Selected finalists must have active Facebook and Gmail accounts for ease of communication with the trainer and other participants.


1. Write a TEAM’s essay (maximum 500 words) and its summary inclusive of the campaign ideas (maximum 300 words) on the selected theme described above, explaining the theme, why it is important for youth in ASEAN, how it is relevant in your own life. The summary must answer the following enquiries:
a. What is the problem you are trying to solve with your campaign?
b. What evidence do you have that there is a problem?
c. What is your target audience?
d. What qualifies you to be listened to by the target audience?
e. How will your campaign contribute to solving the problem?
f. What will be the expected tangible results of the campaign?
2. In the application form, list any supporting references to existing publications or sources that support the information in the essay. Such references can be in any format, such as text, photos, infographics and audio/video.
3. Complete the application form and upload all attachments as requested.

For more Information: Visit the webpage for The 2nd ASEAN Youth Social Journalism Contest 2021

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