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The EU/UK Youth Stronger Together Programme Now Open

The EU/UK Youth Stronger Together Programme Now Open – The EU/UK Youth Stronger Together programme aims to connect young people from the UK and the EU in meaningful and productive ways. We have identified that there are limited opportunities for UK/EU collaboration and collective voice and action, especially when it comes to youth policy issues.

To that end – and as part of the programme – we are announcing a call for a Networking Grant for the creation of a UK/European Youth Network. This network will explore the collaboration between UK and European youth organisations, which will work together to advocate for change.

The Youth Network has a dual purpose:

  • Build sustainable relationships, inclusive opportunities and collaboration between UK and EU youth organisations.
  • Influence key stakeholders and policy makers to support meaningful collaboration and opportunity between UK and EU youth organisations.

A grant of up to a maximum of 10,000 EUR will be allocated to finance activities based on the budget proposed by applicants.

How to Apply

For detailed information about the call and how to submit your proposal, please refer to the documents in the ‘Downloads’ section below.

Deadline for submission of proposals: Thursday 30 November 2023

Join our Focus Groups

Ahead of the creation of a Network of UK and EU Organisations – and in view of forming a set of youth recommendations to policy makers – we are organising a series of Focus Groups with representatives from youth organisations across the UK to get their views and capture their needs, challenges and prospects for future relations with organisations and youth in the EU.

And we want you to join us! This is an excellent opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas and concerns, and contribute to the future of UK/EU collaboration!

About Stronger Together for Youth Leadership

Through the activities of our Youth Leadership strand, we aim to strengthen the UK youth sector and enable connections with youth organisations, policy makers and practitioners. We work with youth leaders and representatives of youth organisations aged 18–30 across the UK and EU.

Activities include:

  • online focused discussions with youth organisations
  • participation of representatives of UK youth organisations in international networking events for young people
  • creation of a network of youth organisations across the EU and UK
  • youth policy events in the UK.

For more Information :  Visit the website for The EU/UK Youth Stronger Together Programme

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