The SMME Booster Fund 2023 Application for Western Cape-based SMMEs (Fully funded)

The SMME Booster Fund 2023 Application for Western Cape-based SMMEs (Fully funded)

The SMME Booster Fund 2023 Application for Western Cape-based SMMEs (Fully-funded)

The SMME Booster Fund (the Fund) is a fund that will provide financial support to organisations that implement business development support projects and/or programmes aimed at growing and developing SMMEs. The Fund will focus on projects and/or programmes that support high-growth, Western Cape-based SMMEs. The Fund utilises a co-funding implementation model which encourages collaboration and partnerships.

Business development support includes aspects of support such as training, mentoring, coaching, financial planning, assisting with compliance, providing financial assistance, facilitating access to finance, providing technical support in the form of equipment, specialised software and licensing etc. The financial support from the SMME Booster Fund will focus only on the technical support aspect of the project and/or programme. The rollout of the other aspects such as training, mentoring, coaching, access to market interventions etc. will be funded by the organisation applying for funding. The support provided by the Fund will thus enable the selected organisations to enhance their projects and programmes with an added element of technical support.

The Fund will support projects and programmes that focus on the following categories:

Category 1:  Export Development

Category 2:  Women-owned Business

Category 3:  Youth-owned Businesses

Category 4:  Township-based Businesses

The selection of beneficiaries for the Fund will be initiated through this call for proposals. The proposals received will undergo a pre-qualification check, an evaluation, and an adjudication phase. The proposals will be evaluated and adjudicated against pre-determined criteria.

Click on the link to access the following forms:  SMME Booster Fund Application Guide 2023  and Call for Proposals 2023

To apply please click on the following link:

For more information.  Please contact:  [email protected] or 021 4839112


For more information on the SMME Booster Fund 2023, the Department will be hosting an online MS Teams briefing session on Wednesday 21 June 2023 @10:00AM. To attend, please register at the following link: 

For assistance on how to navigate the online application system, please click on the following link: PDF icon

 SMME Booster 2023 Online Application Platform Guide

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