The University of Malta Master by Research and Ph.D. Scholarship Programmes 2021

The University of Malta Master by Research and Ph.D. Scholarship Programmes 2021

The University of Malta Master by Research and Ph.D. Scholarship Programmes 2021

The University of Malta seeks to attract top quality students from countries outside the European Union/EEA for whom the University’s Master by research and Ph.D. programmes may be beyond their financial reach. Tuition fee waivers of up to 100 per cent shall be awarded to deserving students. Bench fees for certain programmes may still apply. The fee waiver will apply for the normal duration of the programme being followed. If extensions of the period of study are required, these may not necessarily be eligible for a fee waiver.

Only applicants who have been accepted unconditionally to read for a Master by research or a Ph.D. on a full-time and part-time basis are eligible to apply.

Professional doctorates and MBA-type programmes are not eligible.

How To Apply for UM Ph.D and Masters (by Research Scholarships)

How to apply for UM Doctoral Studies

How to apply for Master by Research*

* Master Programmes ‘mainly by research’ refers to programmes where the dissertation/project is assigned 60 ECTS or more.
Within one month of receipt of the unconditional letter of acceptance, interested students are to submit a request to be considered for a fee waiver by sending an email to the International Office indicating the Applicant ID as shown in the letter of acceptance and ‘University of Malta Postgraduate Scholarship Application’ in the subject line.

The following documents should be attached to the application email:
(a) detailed Curriculum Vitae, and
(b) a motivational letter.

Requests for these scholarships will be evaluated by a UM Ph.D. and Masters (by research) Degree Scholarship Selection Board whose decision shall be final.

The selection criteria are as follows:

(a) academic ability of the applicant,
(b) quality of the Research Proposal, and
(c) quality of the motivational letter.

The Selection Board may interview applicants (via the internet if necessary).

Scholarship applications from students who have already started their programme of studies at the UM cannot be considered.

Requests will be evaluated quarterly and applicants will be informed of the outcome soon after.

Award Criteria 

The selection criteria approved by Senate are as follows:

  • the academic ability of the applicant: academic track record; evidence of academic excellence and rigour; publications; strong academic references (if available); ability of candidate to undertake the proposed research and bring it to a successful completion (25%)
  • the quality of the research proposal: validity of the hypothesis; relevance of research (including the benefit of any generated added value to Malta); relevance and currency of any citations and references (25%)
  • the quality of the motivational letter: quality of language and syntax; connection of research proposal to candidate’s current or intended occupation and career demonstration of knowledge about and commitment and passion for research topic (25%), and
  • performance during interview: clarity of communication in the English language; ability to follow and answer questions; suitability of temperament and evidence that candidate will be able to proceed along the designated research plan (25%).

The candidate should only sit for one interview, normally conducted by the relevant Faculty/Institute/Centre/School (F/I/C/S). If this interview is conducted by the F/I/C/S, no second interview is necessary. However, a report on the overall performance of the student and their suitability to follow the indicated programme of research should be made available to the Scholarships Selection Board. If the candidate has not yet been interviewed, then the Scholarships Selection Board can conduct the interview (including via Skype, etc.), and a report on the students’ overall performance submitted to the relevant F/I/C/S.


In determining next whether the candidate should be granted a full (i.e. 100 per cent) or partial (i.e. between 10 per cent and 90 per cent) fee waiver, the Scholarships Selection Board should be guided by these considerations:

  • Will the candidate’s research interests, skills, experience and/or competences bring significant added value to the UM research community?
  • How do the candidate’s personal circumstances make them more or less likely to proceed on their studies at UM without a waiver?
  • What other means of support are available to the applicant since this scholarship covers tuition fees only?
  • Is the nationality and/or the place of habitual residence of the candidate a priority area for the foreign and/or economic policy of the Malta Government? (This includes those countries in receipt of official Overseas Development Assistance.)

Requests for scholarships will be evaluated by a Scholarships Selection Board to ensure awards are granted to deserving candidates. The decision of the Scholarships Selection Board shall be final.

For more information: Visit the website for The University of Malta Master by Research and Ph.D. Scholarship Programmes 2021

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