Npower news – Transition Survey on NPVN Dashboard this December 2019

Npower News : Beneficiaries Lament over Nexit Training Code Error

Npower News on Npower transition Survey

Looking for the latest news on npower transition? This December,we are bringing the latest npower news on transition to npower beneficiaries.

As you know,in order for the Federal Government to help improve the Npower program, they have introduced the NPower Transition Survey to help further map Npower Batch 1 beneficiaries to available / prospective economic opportunities and to Improve specialized training to matched opportunities.

How to Participate in the Npower transition survey this december

Npower beneficiaries should know that the npower transition survey is no longer available on the npvn portal this December. The icons were removed late October and the npower team promised to bring back the icons as soon as possible.

We will continue to give you update this December as soon as as the npower npvn transition survey comes up.