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UGX 105B Released to Schools Under UPE and USE Program for Term One

UGX 105B Released to Schools Under UPE and USE Program for Term One

According to The Ministry of Education and Sports of the Republic of Uganda UGX 105B has been released to schools under UPE and USE program for Term One, in form of capitation grant this year 2023.

At least 13,692 government primary and secondary schools receive capitation grant. These include 12,431 primary schools under UPE programme, and about 1,261 secondary schools under the USE programme

Uganda launched its Universal Secondary Education program to enable more students from low-income and rural families to get a high school education. With the USE program, the Ugandan government is aiming to have at least 60 percent of primary school graduates move on to secondary school this first year.

Universal Primary Education (UPE) is one of the Government of Uganda’s main policy tools for achieving poverty reduction and human development. Broadly speaking, its main objectives are to:

  • Provide the facilities and resources to enable every child to enter and remain in school until the primary cycle of education is complete;
  • Make education equitable in order to eliminate disparities and inequalities;
  • Ensure that education is affordable by the majority of Ugandans;
  • Reduce poverty by equipping every individual with basic skills.

UPE was introduced in January 1997, following a political commitment by President Museveni that the Government would meet the cost of primary education of four children per family. This commitment was soon extended to allow all people that wanted to access primary education to do so.

Israel Wellington Jeremiah
Israel Wellington Jeremiah
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