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UNEB 2022 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) Examination Commences 

UNEB 2022 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) Examination Commences 

UNEB News – The Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) Examination for the 2022 candidates officially starts on Friday November 18, 2022 with the briefing of candidates. Candidates will then write their examination papers from Monday November 21, to Friday December 9, 2022.

The briefing is a very important exercise which must be conducted by the head teachers themselves. During the briefing session, candidates must be made aware of the instructions contained in the timetable and the Rules and Regulations on examination conduct.

The head teachers must explain clearly to the candidates the consequences of their not adhering to these rules and regulations, and of cheating in the examination. UNEB has found out that cases of irregularities and malpractice by candidates quite often arise from candidates receiving inadequate, or no briefing at all.

The Board encourages parents who can do so, to attend the briefing as well. Aligned to the briefing are the national prayers and dedication for the candidates and the examination process which UNEB has requested for from all faith affiliations. These prayers are scheduled to take place from Friday 18 to Sunday 20 November, 2022.

Candidature and Examination Centres
A total of 97,890 candidates were registered to sit the examination from 2,255 Examination Centres. Of these, 57,177 (58%) of the candidates are males, while 40,713 (42%) are females.

Caution against Malpractice

Like the last series of examinations, the UACE examination will be conducted under the same theme ‘Integrity and security in the management of examinations; the health and safety of learners is a joint responsibility’. The Board strongly warns against involvement in any form of examination malpractice. • Anyone found culpable will be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the UNEB Act 2021.

The public is urged to desist from participating in any form of examination malpractice, including the electronic transmission of what may be purported to be a UNEB examination paper, material, information or any part of the examination paper.

Section 36 of the Act provides that any person who aids, abets, induces or incites another person to do, or does an act in a manner that facilitates the commission of an offence under the Act, commits an offence and is liable, on conviction, to a fine not exceeding two thousand currency points (40 million shillings) or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding ten years or both, as provided for in Section 25 (2). This penalty will apply, whether the examination paper, examination material, or information transmitted is genuine or not.

Candidates and all concerned must note that involvement in malpractice in one paper shall lead to the cancellation of results of the whole examination. Members of the public can report cases of suspected malpractice through the Board’s toll free lines 0800-211.077 or 0800 -111-427. Anyone who provides useful information will be protected from victimization through the Board’s whistle Blower’s policy. They will also be compensated once the information is proven to be accurate. Concern about Health and Safety:

The theme is also emphasising the health and safety of both the learners and those involved in the conduct of examinations. We appeal to Heads of Centres to ensure that the SOPs provided by the Ministry of Health for the control of COVID-19 and Ebola are adhered to.

Message to Candidates: We caution candidates against involvement in any acts of indiscipline. The fact that you are candidates does not absolve you from following school regulations. UNEB will neither be involved nor sympathize with a candidate in a case where such a candidate is subjected to disciplinary measures on account of indiscipline.

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