UNEB Commissions 139 District Monitors for PLE

UNEB Commissions 139 District Monitors for PLE


It is barely a week before the commencement of the Primary Leaving Examination (PLE), slated to begin on November 7th, 2023. This week, the Board will carry out various engagements with key stakeholders and partners that will be involved in the field conduct of the examination. As part of this process, the ED, Mr. Dan Odongo, yesterday commissioned a team of 139 District monitors whom he charged with the responsibility for the overall conduct and supervision of the examination at the district level.

ED’s Key note message to the District Monitors

In his message to the Monitors, Mr. Odongo stressed that they had been carefully selected with the confidence that they are professionals of high integrity with the ability to set a solid foundation for the PLE Examination. He cautioned emphasized that as Monitors, their work sets a basis for either the success or failure in the conduct of this year’s PLE.

Mr. Odongo noted that PLE is a high stake examination that literally affects every family. It is also at that level majority of the private providers have invested money. Being an investment, the proprietors would do anything to ensure that their schools appear to be ‘performing well’, so as to attract more students.

“PLE is just two days. However, the amount of work involved during its conduct is more intense than for any of the other two. It is also the first national examination that the learners are taking, as they begin their academic journey that eventually maps out their career path ways. As such, the amount of interest is high. ”

Mr. Odongo stressed the need for adequate preparation and coordination for all the key stakeholders including but not limited to the District Local Government Authorities, scouts, chief invigilators, heads of sitting centers, distributors, among others. District Monitors comprise of selected members of staff from the UNEB Secretariat, Directorate of Education Standards (DES), Public Universities, National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), UNEB Examiners, teachers, and any other distinguished members of the public appointed by the Board to monitor the conduct of the examination at district level.

The Director for Examinations Mr. Nangosya Mike Masikye urged the monitors to select scouts in accordance with the criteria and to effectively engage the different categories of personnel that will be involved in the conduct of the examination. He implored them to ensure that each category is well briefed about their roles and responsibilities.

Threatening to harm UNEB field personnel is a grave offence that shall lead to indefinite withdrawal of the examination center.
All your children shall be taught by the LORD, and great shall be the peace of your children. (Isaiah 54:17)
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Duties of a PLE District Monitor

(a) To thoroughly brief all field personnel on the conduct of examinations.
(b) To ensure that bonafide field officers such as examiners are appointed as Scouts.
(c) To deploy scouts using the list from UNEB headquarters and in case of any replacement, indicate it on the original list.
(d) To issue Albums to scouts and other necessary documents to scout and ensure that each scout carries (an) album(s) for the centre he/she is deployed to.
To ensure that each scout signs a declaration form before deployment.
(f) To ensure that all scouts have been paid. (g) To ensure that there is a scout at every seating centre in the district.
(h) To ensure that the album(s) has/have been returned by scouts before final payment is made.
(i) To issue attendance registers, packing lists and other materials to district education officials.
(j) To receive examinations from the UNEB distributor at storage stations.
(k) To oversee the issuing of question papers to the distributors at the storage stations.
(1) To receive filled in attendance registers from the DIS/CIS/MIS. (m) To ensure that the script packing list is filled properly to confirm the number of examination papers taken and number of scripts returned.
(n) To ensure that the Box Content Form is enclosed in the scripts box. (0) Ensure that chief invigilators and invigilators are paid the rightful amount.
(p) To handle queries, emergencies and any other issues related to the examination in consultation with the Board.
(q) To make a report on supervision and conduct of the examination in the district.
(r) To receive all reports and evidence of examination malpractice from the district scouts he/she has deployed and consequently forward them to UNEB.
(s) To return to UNEB all the Photo Albums and all the specified documents that were used during the examination.
(t) To liaise with the DIS/CIS/MIS and Scout to solve the problem of shortage of question papers at seating centers.
(u) To liaise with the DIS/CIS/MIS to vet and brief the field distributors before the date of the examination.
(v) To immediately return keys to the metallic boxes/green bags containing scripts to UNEB through the UNEB distributor. For districts where the UNEB distributor cannot be accessed, the District Monitor should deliver the keys to UNEB.
(w) To receive all keys to metallic boxes, packing list, box content forms from scouts in charge of sub stations.

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