UNEB Gives Deadline To Submit Coursework Scores

UNEB Gives Deadline To Submit Coursework Scores


Last call to submit coursework scores for subjects where it is a Requirement

UNEB – This is a last call to all heads of UCE and UACE Examination Centres to submit course work results, for the subjects where it is a requirement, by Friday September 30th, 2023.

Schools are therefore put on notice to ensure that they submit the candidates’ scores electronically, via the UNEB portal by the midnight hour of this coming Friday. The subjects that require coursework submission include: Technical Drawing, Art and Design, French, Woodwork, Metal work and Building Practice.

Late submission shall attract a surcharge of fifty thousand shillings, (50,000/=), per candidate. The Board shall however not receive any coursework scores after October 15th,
We wish to clarify that any candidate without coursework scores in the subjects/ papers where it is a requirement shall NOT be graded.

In the event that a candidate has transferred to another school for some reason, the candidate MUST ensure that all their coursework assessment scores are made available at the Centre they transferred to, which should in turn submit the scores to UNEB deadline.
Relatedly, UNEB would like to inform Heads of Centres who have not yet collected their stationery to do so with immediate effect.

The stationery, includes answer booklets, graph papers, Art Papers and Time tables. Accordingly, Heads of Centers are advised to ensure that every candidate receives a copy of the time table, and that the same is also displayed on the school noticeboards.

The 2023 national Examinations are set to begin on Friday October 13th with the briefing of UCE candidates. The Candidates will then begin writing their papers on Monday, October 16th, starting with Geography.

Jennifer Kalule-Musmba
Principal Public Relations Officer (PPRO)
For: Executive Director

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