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UNEB warns against Fraudsters Claiming Access to Grading System

In todays latest UNEB NEWS. The Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB) warns against Fraudsters Claiming Access to Grading System. It has come to the attention of the Board that there are some impostors coning Head teachers and School Directors of money, allegedly to either help them improve the grades of their candidates, or remove their schools from the list of those suspected of examination malpractice.

UNEB hereby cautions Heads of Examination Centres, school directors and the public against involvement with such fraudsters.


UNEB was established by an Act of Parliament in 1983, Cap 137 Laws of Uganda; legalizing all actions taken with effect from 1st July 1980 when it effectively started operating. The Board is a body corporate mandated to conduct and manage examinations in Uganda for the end of the educational cycle at Primary and Secondary school level: and to conduct examination-related research.


The functions of UNEB are to:

  1. conduct primary, secondary, and such other examinations within Uganda as it may consider desirable in the public interest;
  2. publish past examination papers;
  3. award certificates to successful candidates in such examinations;
  4. invite anybody or bodies outside Uganda, as it may think fit, and to jointly conduct academic and other examinations;
  5. award acceptable certificates to successful candidates jointly with the invited bodies;
  6. invite other bodies, as it may think fit, to conduct examinations and award acceptable certificates or diplomas;
  7. advise anybody or bodies so invited under paragraph (f) upon the adoption of examinations necessary for the requirements of Uganda and to assist any such body or bodies to conduct such examinations;
  8. make arrangements for the conduct of research and development of examination systems;
  9. make rules regulating the conduct of examinations and for all purposes incidental thereto.
Israel Wellington Jeremiah
Israel Wellington Jeremiah
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