Unisa 2022 May/June Online Examination & Provision of Data

Unisa 2022 May/June Online Examination & Provision of Data

Unisa 2022 May/June Online Examination & Provision of Data

The upcoming May to June 2022 online exams are due to start on 13 May 2022. We encourage all students to start studying and preparing for the online exams.

Most modules will require you to have a device (smartphone, tablet, iPad, laptop or desktop) and data to ensure that you successfully write the exams. Some modules, however, will require additional technical specifications such as web cams and high-speed internet; your lecturer will communicate any such requirements with you.

The details regarding the different exam formats and platforms for your respective modules have been communicated together with the timetable which has already been released.

Click here to view your exam timetable.

Unisa wishes you well for your upcoming examinations.

Data for the examinations

We have great news! As a currently registered Unisa student (who is eligible to write examinations during the May/June 2022 examination period) and living in South Africa, you will receive 30GB of data per month (10GB anytime and 20GB night-time) for the exam period May to June 2022 on the cell phone number Unisa has on record for you. This means that you will have sufficient data and connectivity to prepare for your exams and successfully complete your May – June 2022 exams.

Please follow these steps to ensure that you receive your data:

  1. Make sure that your cellphone number is correct on myUnisa so that you can benefit from the data for your examinations. To update your details, login to myUnisa, click on myAdmin / Student Admin / Biographical Details / Update Contact Detail.
  2. Make sure the Cell phone number is populated in the correct field when updating your detail (Cell Number field).
  3. Make sure that your cell phone number is RICA ’ed
  4. Should your current data contract be greater than what is provided by UNISA (30GB of data per month – 10GB anytime and 20GB night-time), please provide an alternative number where data will be provisioned and update the number on your UNISA profile.
  5. The UNISA Telkom provision is only for Telkom to Telkom services and doesn’t roam with other networks. Should you wish to received data on a different number, please update your profile with the preferred number.
  6. Data provisioning for CellC, Vodacom and MTN happen mid-week. Note that Telkom data provision will be loaded on a Friday of that week, based on Telkom’s standard operation procedure.
  7. The university will extract your existing information, please ensure that all updates and changes are done by not later than 16:00, 27 April 2022.

More details will follow shortly.

If you have any queries related to your data, please contact:

Call: 0800 000 1870 (option 4)

E-mail: [email protected]

Reminder regarding plagiarism during the examinations

All academic work, written or otherwise, submitted by a student is expected to be the result of his or her own work. The university views acts of copyright infringement and plagiarism as a serious offence.

Plagiarism is the act of taking the words, ideas and thoughts of others and presenting them as your own. It is a form of theft which involves a number of dishonest academic activities. Kindly read the University’s Policy on Copyright Infringement and Plagiarism and the Disciplinary Code, which are available on myUnisa. Students are advised to study the Disciplinary Code, especially chapter 3 (1.19).

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