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UNISA Expected Release Date for Exam Results

When Unisa Will Release Exam Results: Important Information for Students


I‍n todays latest UNISA News – As the largest university in South Africa, the University of South Africa (Unisa) plays a critical role in providing quality education to students through open distance learning. With the convenience of online exams, Unisa has implemented strict measures to ensure the integrity of its assessments. In this article, we will explore when Unisa will release exam results and the importance of adhering to the university’s examination policy.

Unisa’s Examination Process

Unisa’s examination process involves the use of invigilator apps, which are essential for monitoring students’ activities during exams. These apps serve to discourage cheating and maintain the credibility of Unisa’s qualifications. It is crucial for students to understand and comply with the rules surrounding the use of these apps to avoid any complications with their exam results.

Importance of the Invigilator App

The invigilator app is a vital tool in upholding the integrity of Unisa’s examinations. By monitoring students’ activities, the university can identify any instances of cheating or misconduct. As such, Unisa has communicated the importance of the app and the rules associated with its use through various channels, such as email, myUnisa announcements, SMS, and social media.

Consequences of Violating the App Rules

Unisa has recently withheld exam results from students who failed to abide by the rules regarding the invigilator app. One of the key rules is the requirement for students to remain within the app during the entire duration of the exam, with a maximum allowance of 10 minutes outside the app. Students who exceeded this limit had their marks withheld, resulting in the need for re-registration or rewriting of the exams.

First Examination Opportunity

For students in their first examination opportunity, exceeding the 10-minute limit outside the app leads to the withholding of their marks. However, these students have the opportunity to rewrite the exams without needing to re-register. The university aims to ensure that students have a fair chance to demonstrate their knowledge and skills.

Second Examination Opportunity

In the case of second-opportunity students, the consequences for violating the app rules are similar. Marks are withheld, and re-registration is required. It is important to note that Unisa does not offer a third examination opportunity for these students. The scheduling of second examination opportunities is contingent on Senate-approved examination sittings.

Technical Glitches and App Challenges

Unisa acknowledges that technical glitches may occur with the invigilator app. However, it is important to clarify that students who experience challenges with uploading their scripts are not affected by the “Out of App” rule. The university is committed to addressing these challenges and providing students with an opportunity to submit an appeal.

The Appeal Process

To ensure fairness and transparency, Unisa has established an appeal process for students to raise objections or present their case. Students were informed about this process through a communique issued on 23 November 2023. The university encourages students to use this process to have their cases heard, and each case will be assessed on its own merits.

Release Date for Exam Results

Now that we understand the importance of complying with the invigilator app rules, let’s turn our attention to the release date for Unisa exam results. According to Unisa, examination results are being audited and released on a staggered basis as they are finalized. The final release date for all examination results is set for 14 December 2023.

Staggered Release of Results

Unisa has opted for a staggered release of exam results to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the auditing process. This means that results will be made available to students as soon as they are finalized. The university is committed to providing timely feedback to students, enabling them to plan their academic progression effectively.

Final Release Date

To mitigate any confusion or uncertainty, Unisa has set a final release date for all examination results. On 14 December 2023, students can expect to have access to their final exam results. It is important for students to keep this date in mind and make any necessary preparations accordingly.


In conclusion, Unisa’s examination process is designed to maintain the integrity of assessments and protect the credibility of its qualifications. Adhering to the rules surrounding the invigilator app is essential to avoid any complications with exam results. Students should be aware of the consequences of violating these rules and take advantage of the appeal process if necessary. With the staggered release of exam results, Unisa aims to provide timely feedback to students, culminating in the final release date on 14 December 2023. By understanding the process and key dates, students can navigate their academic journey with confidence and clarity.

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