UNISA KZN Semester 2 Pre-registration Orientation Workshop

UNISA KZN Semester 2 Pre-registration Orientation Workshop
Thank you for registering for SEMESTER 2 PRE-REGISTRATION ORIENTATION on 29 June for students who APPLIED but HAVE NOT YET REGISTERED.
You can join the event by clicking on this link tomorrow: https://www.facebook.com/events/1337913303602965/
For many students, transitioning from high school or other educational institutions to UNISA can be a difficult adjustment.
This orientation serves as an essential introduction to UNISA so you understand what services are available for students and help you decide if UNISA is the correct university for you to register with. Understanding how UNISA functions, will help you feel prepared and supported as you begin your academic journey.
The invitation to the regional virtual pre-registration orientation for students interested in studying at UNISA is for students who applied to study at UNISA but have not yet registered. The pre-registration orientation will help you decide if UNISA is a suitable tertiary institute for you and prepare you for your proposed studies at Unisa.
The program will have several speakers to assist you with any information or questions you may have about Unisa. We can offer you guidance and provide information to help you informed decisions about studying at Unisa.

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