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UNISA News On Semester Extension Today 19th March 2022

UNISA News On Semester Extension Today 19th March 2022

UNISA News – The pressure of submitting an assignment on time can be bad enough, but when the platform you are supposed to submit an assignment on is down, it could make a stressful situation worse.

The University of South Africa (Unisa) online system myModules was down on 7-9 March and 14-16 March 2022. This may have prevented the progression of learning at the institution and led to a loss of crucial learning time.

Unisa has announced that an extra week will be added to the semester 1 academic calendar to make up for the downtime.

They explained, “Accordingly, to maintain semester 1 module assessment strategies, scheduled dates for semester 1 assignments need to be adjusted”.

Here are All The Adjustments Unisa Students Need To Know About…


  1. Assignments with due dates within 22 March – 3 June 2022 period will be moved forward by a week.
  2. Assignments with closing dates within 7 March-18 March 2022 period will be extended to the week of 22-28 March 2022.


Quizzes/MCQ assignments’ due dates will be extended after consultations with the module lecturers. Unisa has asked students to remain patient while the university finalises consultations

Late Registration of Students

Unisa’s Management Committee advised colleges to make special arrangements to support students who registered late and support them to catch up on lost time. This applies to students who registered late, particularly final year students who registered late and may not have had an opportunity to submit assignments before their closing date.

 CTA/Engineering students

Unisa has called on students to refer to the announcements on their module sites for their test dates.

Unisa said, “As we work towards optimal implementation of the new learning management system, we kindly request your patience”.

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