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Unisa News – Solutions To Supplementary Exam Glitches

Unisa News – Solutions To Supplementary Exam Glitches

In todays latest UNISA News– Unisa students concluded their postgraduate and supplementary examinations in the previous month. However, things did not run smoothly, as there had been a few glitches that negatively impacted students.

The university has had a number of issues that it wants to address and offer solutions where it is relevant.

It has been reported that some students had failed to participate in the online invigilation of their January/February 2022 examinations.

As this cohort of students hadn’t uploaded their invigilation results from the Invigilation App within the five days time period after their exams.

This then deems the students to have not taken part in the online invigilation.

If you did not make use of the Invigilator App, here is a solution:

  1. First-time writing students of this examination period will rewrite in the May/June 2022 examination period.
  2. Marks of Supplementary students will be withheld and they will be required to register again.
  3. If you did not participate in the IRIS proctoring, your marks will be withheld and you will be required to reregister.

There had been students who asked for permission to not use the proctoring tools, permission was granted and those students will be exempted.

To appeal the university’s decision, complete the Microsoft form here.

Students have been advised to attach the proof of permission for their appeal to be considered. Those who were found guilty of irregularities were identified and referred to the Disciplinary Office.

In the interim, the affected students are advised to re-register for their affected modules, pending the outcome of the disciplinary process.

For further enquiries relating to disciplinary processes, forward an email to

In relation to Aegrotat applications, Unisa said in a statement:

Students are expected to submit aegrotat applications within 10 days of their scheduled examination sittings. Aegrotat applications are not considered after the release of marks.

For examination-related enquiries, students may forward their emails to

It has been reported that the ongoing labour strikes have affected the university’s operations and the institution predicts that the majority of the results might be released on 28 March 2022.

Students with outstanding marks are expected to register at their Regional Centres for their 2022 modules.

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