UNISA News Today On January/February 2022 Online Examinations

UNISA News Today On January/February 2022 Online Examinations

In todays latest Unisa News The January/February/March 2022 online examination period is upon us and we would like to draw you attention to the following as you prepare for your online examination sitting:

  1. It is important you ascertain when your module is written by accessing your examination timetable http://myadmin.unisa.ac.za/tool/1f95735b-9137-4e57-803f-43820fb508b7/default.do
  2. All your examinations question papers will be available on the myExam platform  myExams : Gateway : Exam Timetable (unisa.ac.za). Click on your module code on the day of your examination to access your examination question paper or multiple choice questions.
  3. It’s equally important to determine whether your module is invigilated through the Invigilator App by clicking The Invigilator App (invigilatorapp.herokuapp.com). CSET students may refer to the attached list to determine whether their examination will be proctored by IRIS. Supplementing students who had their modules invigilated or proctored during their October/November 2021 examinations will have the same modules being invigilated or proctored in their January/February 2022 examinations.  Please adequately prepare yourself by watching training videos and reading through navigation guidelines.  Visit the invigilation section on the Essential tips for online examinations webpage.
  4. Please read the examination rules thoroughly to familiarise yourself with the Dos and Donts prior to your examination sitting.
  5. The following resources are made available to assist with your preparations of your online examinations on the Essential tips for online examinations webpage.
    1. Student guidelines on online assessment on myExams
    2. Training videos and student guidelines for navigating on Invigilation tools
    3. Training videos for online examinations navigation
    4. Other technical resources
  6. Please refer to the link for password reset guidelines: Procedure to reset your myUnisa password.
  7. Students are reminded that the University have a zero tolerance for plagiarism and cheating during online examinations. Please refer to our policies and procedures:
    1. Plagiarism during the examinations
    2. Unisa students – Take action against contract cheating
    3. Unisa has a zero tolerance for any form of dishonesty or cheating activity related to exams
  8. Students experiencing technical challenges should contact the SCSC on 080 000 1870 or via e-mail [email protected] or refer to the Get- Help resource for the list of additional contact numbers. Communication received from your myLife account will be considered.

UNISA News Today On January/February 2022 Online Examinations

We wish all students well as they prepare for the January/February 2022 online examinations.

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