Unisa States Process for Bursary Allowance Refunds

Unisa States Process for Bursary Allowance Refunds

In todays latest UNISA News – In an effort to accommodate bursary qualifying students, the University of South Africa (Unisa) has announced the process through which they intend to refund this cohort of students. Here is everything to know about it.

To deposit refunds and/or allowances into the accounts of students who qualify for such payments, the University of South Africa (Unisa) has recently announced that it will forge ahead with the use of a new EFT procedure.

The process consists of the following steps:

  • A message with the necessary information and a secure link to a page where the necessary banking information must be filled and submitted will be sent to a student’s myLifeemail account if they are eligible for a refund and/or allowance.
  • After carefully reading the email, students are advised to click the link, enter their financial information, and then submit it. They have also been urged to note that they can only use their own, open bank account. Payments to accounts held by third parties won’t be processed. The account information will be compared to a student’s ID number for verification.
  • The provided information’s verification status will be shown. Visit the URL again when the information becomes accessible because it might not happen right away.
  • Re-enter your financial information and double-check that it is accurate if the bank account verification fails or is rejected.

Unisa has also stated that queries can be directed to the Unisa Directorate of Student Funding – [email protected]. Students have been reminded to note that refunds can be processed for a duration of 15 business days before they are reflected on their account.

In addition to this, NSFAS allowances will be processed twice a month, in the first and the third week of each month.