Unisa Students Raise Issues Over May/June Exams

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Unisa Students Raise Issues Over May/June Exams

While mid-year examinations continue at Unisa, the university’s National Student Representative Council (NSRC) has raised some issues about how they are currently carried out. Here is what Unisa has to say regarding the matter.

The 2022 May/June exams are already underway at the University of South Africa (Unisa) and the higher-learning institution has recently stated their National Student Representative Council (NSRC) has expressed grievance relating to the administering of the ongoing exams.  

The university’s NSRC raised the following issues, to which the Portfolio of Teaching, Learning, Community Engagement, and Student Support has responded as follows.

Admission to a supplementary opportunity for 2021 students:

Only students who were admitted to the January/February 2022 examination as first-time candidates will be considered for a second supplemental examination in May/June 2022.

Students who were admitted to the second chance examination in January/February 2022 will not be admitted to the third chance examination in May/June 2022. FI students are identified for second opportunities only, not for a third opportunity.

Furthermore, the university also stated that it hopes the above announcement clarifies the matter relating to the writing of supplementary examinations and that all the students do well on the examinations.

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