United Nations CCD Land Heroes Challenge 2020 (USD500 cash prize)

United Nations convention to combat desertification UNCCD land hearoes challenge 2020

Deadline: 15 May 2020

United Nations CCD Land Heroes Challenge 2020 (USD 500 cash prize)

United Nations convention to combat desertification (UNCCD) invites you to mobilize the youth to take care of land as part of the solution to climate change.

The incredible power and deep concern of young people for the climate emergency is evident proven. We have witnessed youth in action during protests and strikes (Fridays for Climate movement is going strong and growing, after nearly 100 weeks) and similar movements are born all around the world, following the same purpose: to ensure a sustainable future for all.

You are already making a difference. Let’s take it further !

How is land connected to climate change?

  • Land degradation is a driver of climate change, because it increases emission of greenhouse gases (GHGs) and reduces carbon uptake
  • Desertification exacerbates climate change in many ways: loss of vegetation, sand and dust storms and greenhouse gas emissions
  • In turn, climate change worsens desertification
  • Land degradation can be avoided, reduced or reversed by managing land sustainably and applying land restoration and rehabilitation measures
  • Healthy land acts as a powerful carbon sink, becoming an effective solution to climate change
  • Land restoration is one of the cheapest solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss
  • Indigenous and local knowledge in managing land sustainably (women are often the guardians of this knowledge) is invaluable for building resilience against climate change and desertification

Requirements: UNCCD Land Heroes Challenge

  • The campaign “Become #UNCCDLandHeroes” appeals to the youth (15-30 years old) worldwide. It is a social media campaign “by the youth for the youth” that will trend under #UNCCDLandHeroes and #FoodFeedFibre.
  • By entering the contest, you are automatically considered a UNCCD Land Hero.


  • A USD500 cash prize will be awarded to one of participating UNCCD Land Heroes for an outstanding project with significant outreach capacity, to invest in the impactful and scalable action to be implemented by the end of 2021.
  • The winner will be selected by the UNCCD secretariat, and the project widely promoted on social media and shared with UNCCD Land Ambassadors for them to support through their channels. The winning project will also be showcased at UNCCD major events, such as Desertification and Drought Day global observance event.
  • Participants are invited to submit a short text with a photo or video where they propose a specific solution to limit the footprint that our production and consumption of food, feed and fibre leave on the land.

    • Examples of individual actions can vary from swapping clothes with friends, composting or using a fabric handkerchief instead of disposable tissues
    • Example of existing projects to make a difference can include planting a community garden, a school campaign to become plastic-free or mobilizing people to ban food waste, a school club that meets to mend and repair clothes to donate to a local shelter or resell to raise school funds
    • Share your story on social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram), tagging UNCCD and using the official hashtags of the contest #UNCCDLandHeroes and #FoodFeedFibre

    We welcome submissions in any of the six official UN languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish). If your original post is not in one of these because your followers are more likely to be reached through another language, please send us the translation, so we can consider your entry.

    UNCCD will monitor daily all the posts featuring the official hashtags of the contest and share some inspiring and impactful ideas suggested by participants worldwide.

For More Information: Visit the Webpage of the UNCCD Land Heroes Challenge 2020