Wellness Programme launched for Northern Cape Artists & Athletes

Wellness Programme launched for Northern Cape Artists & Athletes

Wellness Programme launched for Northern Cape Artists & Athletes

Wellness Programme launched for Northern Cape Artists & Athletes – Minister Nathi Mthethwa introduced the Department of Sport, Arts, and Culture’s SILAPHA Wellness Intervention Programme in the Northern Cape to better assist the region’s creative professionals and sportsmen.

Minister of Sport, Arts, and Culture Nathi Mthethwa launched the SILAPHA Wellness Intervention Programme on July 3 at the Northern Cape Theatre in Kimberley for artists and sportsmen in the Northern Cape. DSAC created and implemented the Programme to help solve some of the most serious problems facing South Africa’s sports and arts professionals. Problems with one’s mind, substance misuse, money management, and legal standing are all examples of such issues.

Speaking to the large crowd of Northern Cape’s creatives and athletes, Mthethwa remarked, “We launched the SILAPHA Wellness Programme in February 2021, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since then, we’ve assisted 1 911 professionals through our toll-free helpline. Through our interface outreach provincial activations, we were able to reach an additional 1,900 practitioners, bringing the total number of practitioners from the sport and creative sectors we have supported to 3,811. It’s not uncommon for them to have to deal with troubles in the legal system, crucial incidents, addiction, financial difficulties, and, most significantly, mental health issues.

The event, hosted by media personality Penny Lebyane and titled “Own your talent through-and-through,” featured a star-studded panel discussing their experiences overcoming mental health concerns, maltreatment from the industry, and other obstacles. This was done to prove that the SILAPHA Wellness Intervention Programme is essential to the cultural and athletic climate of South Africa.

Actors Dawn Thandeka King and Thato Molamu were on the panel, as was Northern Cape native Moagi Modise, soccer icon Doctor Khumalo, and para powerlifter Ricardo Fitzpatrick from Kimberley.

“Do all in your power to preserve your sanity. Simply keeping your head above water is the goal. The positives will always exceed the negatives. You are not alone in this fight, which is good news. Modise stated, “This program is going to be crucial to making sure your health is taken care of.

South African performers and athletes can take advantage of the SILAPHA Wellness Intervention Programme’s many free services. Advice on the law, mental health, lifestyle, money, and drug and alcohol abuse are all examples.

At the launch, Northern Cape MEC for Sport, Arts, and Culture Ms. Desery Fienies said, “We are seeking to create awareness within the Northern Cape among the artists and athletes as well as the society at large.” We will investigate the feasibility of implementing district activation projects throughout all 5 districts. It is crucial that the Provincial Government of the Northern Cape reaches out to all of our province’s sportsmen and artists.

The Program has been implemented effectively in all South African provinces since its beginning. The SILAPHA plan in Northern Cape is being implemented in tandem with the GBVF programmes, according to Minister Mthethwa. Golekane is a men-led program that encourages behavioral change among males, while Baqhawafazi is an initiative that gives survivors of Gender-Based Violence a platform to share their experiences.

As much as we appreciate the accomplishments of the SILAPHA initiative, we recognize that more remains to be accomplished. We are making progress, Mthethwa said, but “we cannot pat ourselves on the back until we see a substantial decline in women’s murders and cases of femicide.”

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