What A ‘Funding Eligible Without Admission’ NSFAS Status Means

What A ‘Funding Eligible Without Admission’ NSFAS Status Means

So, you’ve applied for NSFAS funding, have checked your application status and it reads “Funding without Admission”. Here’s what it means.

NSFAS is a bursary scheme funded by the Department of Higher Education and Training for those who are in financial need and are looking for funding so that they can study further. NSFAS funding covers student related expenses such living allowances, transport and other learning materials.

NSFAS applications need to be submitted on the NSFAS website. Once you have successfully submitted your NSFAS application you will need to check your NSFAS application status.

If your NSFAS application status reads ‘Funding Eligible Without Admission’, it means that your funding application has been approved but NSFAS is still waiting on confirmation from the University or College you applied to.

Your NSFAS application will change to ‘Funding With Admission Offer’, which means that you have been funded and received admission confirmation. This could take a bit of time as there could be communication issues between NSFAS and the University or College.

If your application status does not change then you can contact NSFAS by clicking here.

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Israel Wellington Jeremiah
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