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When HELB Will Disburse Self-Sponsored Student Loan

In todays latest HELB News – When HELB Will Disburse Self-Sponsored Student Loan – The Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) in Kenya is responsible for providing financial assistance to students pursuing higher education. One of their key programs is the Self-Sponsored Student Loan, which offers support to students who are not eligible for government sponsorship. However, there is often confusion and uncertainty about when HELB will disburse the self-sponsored student loan funds. In this article, we will explore the timeline and process of disbursement, as well as provide helpful information for students.


Understanding the Self-Sponsored Student Loan

The Self-Sponsored Student Loan is designed to assist individuals who are financing their education without government sponsorship. This includes students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs at universities and colleges in Kenya. The loan covers tuition fees, accommodation, and other related expenses.

Application and Approval Process

To apply for the Self-Sponsored Student Loan, applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria. These include being a Kenyan citizen, being enrolled in an accredited institution, and having a valid admission letter. Additionally, applicants must have a good credit history and provide the necessary supporting documents.

Once the application is submitted, it goes through a verification and approval process. This includes assessing the applicant’s financial need and academic performance. The approval process may take some time, and applicants are advised to monitor their HELB portal for updates.

Disbursement Timeline

After the approval of the loan application, many students wonder when HELB will disburse the funds. The disbursement timeline varies depending on several factors, including the academic calendar and the institution’s cooperation with HELB. The disbursement Disbursements to self-sponsored students are planned for January 2024, for applicants who will be in session.

It is important for students to note that HELB disburses the funds directly to the institution. Therefore, it is crucial to provide accurate and up-to-date bank account details to the institution to ensure a smooth transfer of funds.

Factors Affecting Disbursement

Several factors can affect the disbursement timeline of the Self-Sponsored Student Loan. These include the number of loan applications received, the availability of funds, and the completeness of the application. Additionally, delays may occur if the institution fails to provide the necessary information or fails to cooperate with HELB.

Monitoring Disbursement Status

To stay informed about the disbursement status, applicants can regularly check their HELB portal. The portal provides updates on the progress of the application, including the approval status and disbursement details. It is recommended to keep track of any communication from HELB and promptly respond to any requests for additional information.

Repayment Terms

Once the Self-Sponsored Student Loan is disbursed, it is important for students to understand the repayment terms. The loan is interest-free during the course of study, and repayment begins one year after completion or termination of the program. The repayment period is typically spread over a specified number of years, with monthly installments.

Contacting HELB

If students have any questions or concerns about the disbursement of the Self-Sponsored Student Loan, they can contact HELB directly. HELB has a responsive customer care team that can provide guidance and assistance. Contact details, including phone numbers and email addresses, can be found on the HELB website.


The disbursement of the Self-Sponsored Student Loan by HELB is an important aspect of supporting students pursuing higher education in Kenya. While the exact timeline may vary, applicants can stay informed by regularly checking their HELB portal and providing accurate information to their institution. Understanding the repayment terms is also crucial for students to plan their finances effectively. By being proactive and staying in touch with HELB, students can navigate the loan disbursement process with ease.

Additional Information:

  • HELB disburses the Self-Sponsored Student Loan directly to the institution.
  • The disbursement timeline varies depending on factors such as the academic calendar and institution cooperation.
  • Applicants should regularly check their HELB portal for updates on the loan disbursement status.
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