Why Study At LAUNAR

Why Study At LAUNAR

To enable you better develop your own ideas and opinions about  LAUNAR , here is what you should know before choosing to study at LILONGWE UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE AND NATURAL RESOURCES.

Four Reasons Why You Should Choose LUANAR

  • You will have the opportunity to get an internationally recognized qualification.
  • You will be exposed to some of the best researchers and lecturers in the world. The quality of
    your education is directly related to the quality of the faculty staff teaching you.
  • You will acquire an education that extends beyond the classroom curriculum. At LUANAR you will have the opportunity to hone your leadership skills through engagement in societies, clubs, residence
    committees, and the Students Union.
  •   You will have an opportunity to study with students from
    various countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan, Zambia, Mozambique and Tanzania just to mention a few.

From the outset you will be encouraged to become an independent and self-motivated learner. Most of the lecturers at LUANAR are experts in their fields and their excitement and passion will translate into your degree programme. Also read: LUANAR University to give 2023/2024 New Students Tablets

Dependent on your discipline, you will have the opportunity to learn in different settings, as you progress through your degree programme. This approach will enable you to control your own learning and encourage you to develop the qualities that employers are looking for in today’s university graduates: creativity, independence, team working, goal setting and problem solving. These skills will give you the tools to succeed in your future career.

Do you Know 

LUANAR is one of Southern Africa’s leading research universities with worldclass expertise in Agriculture, Natural Resources, Nutrition and Development and many more. LUANAR graduates are
some of the most sought after in Malawi and beyond offering a range of knowledge, skills and experience, developed by excellent teaching, internationally rated research and superb student support services.

Through schemes like the student attachment, we do engage our students in placements as we believe that the experience gained from this will help them understand their studies more and will train them for their future endeavors. Our relationship with graduate recruiters is most important to us and a vital part of providing our students with the opportunities they deserve.

Some of the Ways You Can Expect to Learn at LUANAR

Lectures are where you will listen to experts sharing their knowledge and discoveries in challenging and thought-provoking ways. Academics will introduce you to key facts and ideas in a way that will help you to build a sound and up-to-date knowledge base in your subject, and gain an appreciation of how and why we have reached our current stage of understanding in the field. You can expect to do more than just listen during a 50-minute lecture. You will be asked to consider different viewpoints, make on-the-spot judgments and decisions, and solve problems.

Small group learning occurs regularly and is led by academic members of staff. These group sessions will be particularly intensive during your first year to help you make the transition to university.
They will include academic tutorials where you will have a chance to present and share your ideas, debate interpretations and opinions with fellow students, discuss assignments and work on particular problems and topics with the guidance of a staff member.

Self-study is an important element of your education. At the university, you supplement your understanding through research into different perspectives on the topic; deepening your knowledge of an area at your own pace. Lectures map out the terrain of the topic and stimulate your curiosity. Then you find out more through your own independent study and teamwork with fellow students, both before and after the lecture itself.

Peer-group learning is where you may be asked by your tutor to direct a lesson or prepare a presentation on a specified subject with your fellow classmates. By interacting with the lesson material, you will become experts in the area and remember the content more effectively.

Laboratory-based work is your chance to recreate some of the groundbreaking experiments that pushed forward the boundaries of knowledge within your field, get practical experience and apply knowledge you have learnt in your lectures in a laboratory setting. Through these sessions, you will learn to expertly analyze real-life problems, which will equip you with the practical and analytical skills valued by employers.

Your own research project gives you the opportunity to produce an extended, in-depth piece of work, a final-year dissertation or laboratory project designed by yourself according to your own research interests.
This can be one of the most exciting parts of your studies. It will be overseen by a staff member who is an expert in this area, and you will often have the chance to carry out the work in our research facilities. Library and laboratory staff will also help you with this project.