Wiki Loves Earth in Nigeria Competition

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Wiki Loves Earth in Nigeria

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Wiki Loves Earth is an international photographic contest that focus on natural heritage sites, and landscape. The contest is organized worldwide by Wikimedia affiliates and recognized Wikimedia User Groups. The public takes photos o
f heritage sites, upload those to Wikimedia Commons, and then they can be used on Wikipedia and elsewhere.
This is the first time Nigeria will be participating in the contest and it would be held during 10 June — 9 July 2017. Everyone is welcome to get involved, whether as a participant (photographer), organizational volunteer, or both.
Join us to contribute free-licensed images of natural heritages in Nigeria.

Wiki Loves Earth Nigeria Team

  1. Facebook logo (square).png Olaniyan Olushola Coordinator
  2. Kaizenify
  3. Facebook logo (square).png Olufemi Simeon Adeniyi

  • Time Line
  • Start date: 10 June 2017
  • End date : 10 July 2017
  • Results: 10 August 2017


Cash prizes will be awarded to best three images.
  • BKV m 1 jms.svg 70,000 NGN
  • BKV m 2 jms.svg 50,000 NGN
  • BKV m 3 jms.svg 40,000 NGN

Other categories

  • Top Contributor (by numbers of photographs) 20,000 NGN
  • Top 10 contributors (by number of photographs) will be rewarded with WLE T-shirt and all participants of the competition will be rewarded by certificate of Participation.


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Nr01.png All entries must be your own work
Nr02.png All photos must be uploaded within June 2017, to be eligible
Nr03.png All photos must be licensed CC BY-SA 4.0
Nr04.png Participants must have an active email account, if the organizers wish to contact.

How to participate

BKV m 1 jms.svg Prepare your photos of any Nigerian natural heritage site
BKV m 2 jms.svg Sign in or Create a New Account on Wikimedia Commons
BKV m 3 jms.svg Name your photos well
BKV h5 jms.svg Use our Upload Button at the top OR Click here to upload as many as you can
BKV h6 jms.svg Share your upload success on social media with our hashtags: #WLENigeria #WLE2017.
BKV h7 jms.svg And wait patiently for the results! All the best!

Photos to Upload

Any Nigerian Natural Heritage Site, some below


Ponds, River and lakes

  1. Asejire Reservoir
  2. Lake Chad
  3. Oguta Lake
  4. River Niger
  5. River Benue
  6. Ogun River
  7. Osun River
  8. Ogunpa River
  9. Erinle River
  10. Ose River
  11. Kam River
  12. Kai River
  13. Cross river
  14. Ampidong Lake
  15. Faro River
  16. Kaduna River
  17. Oju River
  18. Katsina Ala River

Conservation Areas


  1. Chappal Waddi
  2. Mount Dimlang
  3. Shere Hills
  4. Kerang highlands
  5. Oban Hills
  6. Mount Patti
  7. Obudu Mountains

Forests in Nigeria

  1. Sambisa forest
  2. Kamuku Forest Kaduna
  3. Yan Mangu Forest Zamfara
  4. Edumanom Forest Bayelsa
  5. Osun Sacred Grove forest Osun
  6. Yankari Game Reserve, Bauchi
  7. Igbele Forest, Delta
  8. Falgore Forest, Kano
  9. Ngwo Pine Forest, Ngwo, Enugu

Game Reserves

  1. Borgu Game Reserve – Kogi
  2. Boshi Game Reserve – Cross River
  3. Folgore Games Reserve – Kano
  4. Karimbela Game Reserves – Taraba
  5. Okwangwo Game Reserve – Cross River
  6. Sambisa Game Reserve – Borno
  7. Upper Ogun Games Reserve – Oyo
  8. Wikki Lake Burra Game Reserve – Bauchi
3 Yankari Game Reserve – Bauchi


  1. Erin-Ijesha Falls
  2. Farin Ruwa Falls
  3. Burkutut Falls Chip, Plateau State
  4. Gurara Falls
  5. Matsirga Falls
  6. Awhum Falls
  7. Ikom Falls
  8. Igaga Falls
  9. Owu Falls


  • Natural areas and Places
  • Caves
  • Main Rivers
  • All Animals, Plants and Flowers Within Nature.
  • Climates

Contact us

Please join our facebook page and twitter page for updates and other news. For any queries regarding the competition and technical support please contact at [email protected]
Detailed information about the competition can be found at out official pages linked below:
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Official Twitter Official Facebook Official Google+

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