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WITS University Concerns over Student Protests

WITS University Concerns over Student Protests

Following the interruptions to some lectures today, the disruptors made their way into Braamfontein, where they were joined by other groups of people. Shops were looted, streets were blocked, and property was damaged.

On campus, the remainder of the academic programme and other university activities continued this afternoon as scheduled, in multiple modes.

Students Suspended
This afternoon, we also issued multiple suspension orders to disruptors who transgressed the University’s rules. The Legal Office will continue to work through the evidence submitted by the Wits community to ensure that perpetrators who can be identified, are charged.

During the course of the suspension processes and other investigations, we found that some of the perpetrators who were committing infractions were academically excluded. Some had failed multiple times, had lost their funding, and were now demanding to be registered.

Engagement with the SRC
We have reached out to the Students’ Representative Council but they have declined to engage at this stage. We will continue these efforts through the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.

University Activities
All university activities will continue as scheduled tomorrow. We are also asking lecturers and academics to make up for any time lost today, and to upload relevant material to ulwazi.

We know that this disruption is frustrating and that it impacts on members of the University community.
We are managing the situation and we thank you for your patience and cooperation.


Israel Wellington Jeremiah
Israel Wellington Jeremiah
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