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World Food Forum (WFF) Call for Youth Representatives and Observers 2023

World Food Forum (WFF) Call for Youth Representatives and Observers 2023

The World Food Forum (WFF) is pleased to invite FAO Members and partners of the Forum to nominate Youth Representatives and Observers to the third annual WFF flagship event from 16 to 20 October 2023 in Rome, Italy and virtually under the theme “Food Action accelerates Climate Action.“.

The WFF’s flagship event comprises the WFF Global Youth Forum, the FAO Science and Innovation Forum and the FAO Hand-in-Hand Investment Forum. These three interlinked fora advance bold and actionable solutions to catalyze the transformation of our agrifood systems considering the ongoing challenges and crises, and highlight the importance of collaboration between the current and next generation and their combined ingenuity in science, technology and innovation – and investments in key areas of food and agriculture.

More specifically, the Global Youth Forum will include innovation awards, educational and cultural activities, exhibitions and side events. In addition, it will host a Youth Assembly, providing a dedicated and self-organized space for youth in agrifood systems advocacy and policy debate.

Criteria and Composition

Nominations for Youth Representatives and Observers should be composed of up to 10 individuals under the age of 36 that can include:

  • Members of a youth organization and/or network related to food, agriculture, development, climate and any other relevant field;
  • Stakeholder group members; (i.e. young farmers, fisherfolk, Indigenous Peoples, etc.);
  • Young members of a ministry, cabinet or any other national institution;
  • Students in the various fields of agrifood systems; and/or
  • Past and current youth delegates to the United Nations and/or international conferences.


Youth Representatives and Observers are kindly requested to:

  1. Prepare a statement in relation to the WFF 2023 theme and present it during the Youth Assembly. Statements can be presented either orally or in written form, in one of the official UN languages. Statements are also posted online ( 2022 statements for reference).
  2. Actively participate in the discussions held at the Youth Assembly*.

Other Engagement Opportunities

At the WFF Flagship Event

  • Attend the events hosted during the World Food Forum flagship week;
  • Organize and/or participate in bilateral meetings;
  • Meet and network with youth and agrifood systems stakeholders from different backgrounds to exchange perspectives, gain new insights and forge new partnerships.

After the WFF Flagship Event

  • Support and participate in the development of WFF National Chapters to drive local action in line with discussions held during the Youth Assembly;
  • Communicate about the WFF flagship event and initiatives/activities. Read an example article by 2022 WFF Irish delegation;
  • Report on the results from the Forum to relevant stakeholders.


  • FAO Members and partners of the Forum are kindly requested to send their nominations for Youth Representatives and Observers to the 2023 WFF Global Youth Forum to
  • Nominations should be accompanied by the following information:
    • Full name
    • Professional and/or academic background and current institutional affiliation
    • Email address
  • Indicate the lead representative/observer – acting as the responsible liaison for receiving communication materials to relay to the rest of the group.
  • Specify if nominees will be participating in-person – NB: Please be informed that the WFF Secretariat is unable to provide any financial support for travel and accommodation. Accreditation/invitation letters will be issued to facilitate visa requests, and Italian authorities will be informed accordingly.
  • Deadline to receive nominations: 15 July 2023

The Youth Assembly and its thematic discussions are organized by the WFF Youth Policy Board, together with its partners, who will be responsible for the final drafting of the outcomes of the Assembly. Representatives and Observers are to contribute to the discussions based on national and partner perspectives, which do not necessarily represent the views of Member States. Preparatory materials (including reading materials and agenda) and a briefing call will be set up ahead of the WFF flagship event.


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