Youth4Peace Project Application 2022 for Kenyans

Youth4Peace Project Application 2022 for Kenyans

Social Return on Investment (SROI) is an incredibly powerful way to understand the value (social, economic, and environmental value) created by youth-led peacebuilding projects. SROI aims to measure the past or future impact of an intervention experienced by a community. What will be measured as impact will be identified not by a donor far away but by those closest to the issues and who see the impact. The process will include engagement with key stakeholders (i.e., youth, community, State, private sector) most impacted by the specific youth-led initiatives.

The SROI for #Youth4Peace analysis in Kenya will help quantify the effect of youth-led peacebuilding-oriented efforts on (1) their peers—young people, (2) their communities, (3) various State & local institutions, (4) the private sector and (5) others young people in Kenya determine as important stakeholder groups.

Kenya has been selected to test the proof of concept of SROI. We invite youth-led and youth-serving organizations to share the youth focused projects they have implemented in the country that broadly fit within a peace and security frame over the past 5 years. Thank you for making time to share your important work with us.


Youth4Peace Project Application 2022 for Kenyans

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