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Zambia 2023 School Certificate and Teacher Education Examinations Results Released

Zambia 2023 School Certificate and Teacher Education Examinations Results Released – Education Minister Hon, Douglas Syakalima, has announced results of the 2023 School Certificate and Teacher Education examinations.

In the 2023 School Certificate Examination category, 68.03% of those who sat for the examinations obtained School Certificates with 29.92% getting statement of results while 2.05%) candidates failed and 3,093 candidates were absent from the examination.

Hon. Syakalima said 166,593 candidates registered for the 2023 School Certificate Examinations, of which 166,501 were from Zambian schools, while 92 were from St. Jeff college based in South Africa.

The Minister announced the results at a media briefing held at his Office in Lusaka Friday, 26th January 2024.

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“Of the 166,501 registered candidates from Zambia, 163,408 (98.14%) sat the examination of whom 80,729 (49.40%) were boys and 82,679(50.60%) were girls of which 111,116 (68.03%) obtained school certificates and 48,893 (29.92%) obtained statements of results and 3,354 (2.05%) failed the examination.” Hon Syakalima said.

The Minister said 3,093 candidates were absent from the examination, comprising 1,575 (50.92%) boys and 1,518 (49.08%) girls.

The Education Minister pointed out that 

the 166,593 candidates who registered for the 2023 school certificate examinations represented an increase of 30.88 percent (39,304) from 127,289 candidates who registered for the 2022 examination.

“The increase of candidates by 39,304 candidates can be attributed to the UPND’s government policy of free education, among other interventions. This cohort of learners was in grade 10 in 2021, when the UPND took over the governance of the republic of Zambia.” The Education Minister said.

And Hon. Syakalima observed that although there was a significant increase in candidature, of more than 30% from the 2022 candidature, the decline in performance was minimal between the past two years.

He attributed this to the interventions government has put in place, which include teacher recruitment and deployment, increased monitoring and inspection of schools, procurement and distribution of education materials among others.

Meanwhile, Hon Syakalima instructed the Permanent Secretaries, Directors, Senior Officers and all others in the Ministry of Education to put in place measures to ensure that gender parity is maintained and the boy children are not marginalised.

He said this is in view of the observation that the number of girls who are entering and sitting for the examination exceeds the number of boys.

And the Minister said the 2023 recorded no examination leakages.

“I am glad to report that once again, there were no leakages of examination question papers during the conduct of the 2023 school certificate and teacher education examinations. I, therefore, commend all stakeholders who have worked so tirelessly in curbing this vice.” Hon. Syakalima said.

He however said there were a total of thirty-one (31) reported cases of suspected examination malpractices during the school certificate examination, involving a total of 620 candidates.

The Examinations Council of Zambia nullified results for 384 school certificate examination candidates, while cases affecting 236 have been withheld, pending further investigations.

The Minister also announced the Teacher Education Examination results in three programmes namely Early Childhood Teacher’s Diploma; Primary Teacher’s Diploma and Secondary Teacher’s Diploma.

And speaking earlier Examination Council of Zambia Chief Executive Director, Dr. Michael Chilala said the examinations where conducted leakage free.

He said I is the desire of the ECZ that it continues to conduct leakage free examination.

Dr. Chilala said his organization appreciates the support that the Ministry has continued to render to the Examination Council of Zambia. #moecommunications.

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