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Zambia Teaching Service Commission 2023 Teachers Recruitment List of Successful Candidates

Zambia Teaching Service Commission 2023 Teachers Recruitment List of Successful Candidates-  Education Minister Hon. Douglas Syakalima has announced the completion of the 2023 teacher recruitment exercise and the names of successful applicants has been published in the press on Friday, 26th January 2024.

All succesful candidiates should note the following: 

  1. All selected candidiates should report by 12th February 2024 for collection of letters of appointment.
  2. Candidiates seletec under the net recruitment (4,500) should collect letters of appointment from respective offices of district education board secretaries starting from 12th February 2024.
  3. Candidiates selected under replacement (2722) should collect letters of appointment from the directoriate of human resources and administration – Ministry of Education (Head quaters) starting from 12th february 2024
  4. Selected candidiates who do not report by 28th March 2024 will be replaced.
  5. All selected candidates should ensure that they carry original national registration cards  (NRC) , Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) Registration certiificates, Academic and profesional quailifications as they go to collect appointment letters.

Hon. Syakalima has further revealed that instead of the 4,500 teachers budgeted for in 2023, government has instead recruited an additional 2,721 bringing the number to 7,221 members of staff.

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The Minister said the 2,721 positions was created by the Ministry mapping up all retirees, those who resigned, went on secondment and unpaid leave or dismissed from service to create replacement positions.

Hon. Syakalima said his Ministry did this inorder to respond to the overwhelming 69,311 applicants received in 2023.

The Minister said this when he addressed a press briefing at his office Thursday 25th January 2024.

“I am aware that members of the public have been anxiously waiting for the conclusion of the recruitment of 4,500 teachers and today, I am here to state that the recruitment of an additional 2,721 teachers caused the delay in the announcement of the names of the 2023 successful applicants.” Hon. Syakalima said.

He emphasise that the 4,500 teachers are those directly recruited in 2023 and 2,721 have been selected on replacement from those that remained in the 2023 data base.

The Education Minister said the announcement of the newly recruited teachers is critical to addressing the high teacher – pupil ratio, standing at an average of 1:58 for primary and 1:38 for secondary schools, contrary to the acceptable teacher pupil ratio of 1:45 and 1:35 at primary and secondary schools, respectively.

He said the announcement also responds to government’s aspiration to realise suitable development goal number 4 of ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all.

“In recruiting the teachers I am announcing today, the Teaching Service Commission engaged the established human resource management committees (HRMC’s) in all Zambia’s 116 districts to recruit the teachers in accordance with the decentralization policy and the service commission’s act no. 10 of 2016.” The Education Minister told the press.”

The Minister said the recruitment process used was very stringent and ensured that all citizens who qualified were given an equal and fair opportunity to compete for available vacancies, irrespective of any other consideration.

Hon. Syakalima commended the multi stakeholder collaboration that characterised both the 2022 and 2023 teacher recruitment for the job well done.

“In order to uphold accountability, transparency and credibility, respective district commissioners played an oversight role throughout the recruitment process, security wings from either the office of the president – special division, drug enforcement commission or anti-corruption commission monitored the process.” Hon. Syakalima said.

He added that in line with the staffing needs analysis and the funds appropriated for the recruitment, the recruitment prioritised Secondary school teachers specialised to teach mathematics, sciences, business studies, ict and Zambian languages.

He said recruited teachers will be required to collect their appointment letters from the district education boards secretary’s(DEBS) offices where they are selected and begin processing their appointment documents in readiness to report for duty within the first term.

“You may wish to know that in the 2023 recruitment, applicants above the age of 45 were allowed to apply as long as they showed proof of NAPSA contribution, and of the 4,500 teachers recruited, about 1% will be over 45-year-old, implying that almost all the teachers recruited are relatively youthful. through a centralised recruitment system, 451 teachers living with disabilities were also recruited.” Hon. Syakalima said.

The Minister paid gratitude to his Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia for this commitment to ensuring that every Zambian child receives quality education as this is the only sure way of guaranteeing a prosperous Zambia by the year 2030.

And Teaching Service Commission Chairperson, Daphne Nawa-Chimuka her Commission is glad to have finished the 2023 Teacher Recruitment exercise that started in June 2023.

She said the recruitment was undertaken I all the 116 district in the country. #moecommunications

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